Video Conferencing - Evolution of Australian Biota

This video conference is linked to Stage 6 Biology Core: Evolution of Australian Biota and Stage 5 Science: Study of evolution.

Diprotodon reconstruction

Diprotodon reconstruction
Photographer: James King © Australian Museum

Two sessions are available - Megafauna and Platypuses.

Megafauna: Join us for some fascinating insights into Australia’s megafauna. What are the megafauna – are they simply ‘large animals’ or is there more to the story? Meet some of Australia’s megafauna including our biggest and our most vicious predator. See their fossils and compare them with some living relations.

Platypuses: Learn about some evolutionary changes of platypuses. See fossil material of the 20 million year old Riversleigh Platypus (Obdurodon dicksoni) and the 110 million year old Steropodon galmani. Compare them with their modern relative. Discover how palaeontology helps us understand the possible future of the modern Platypus.


$99.00 including GST. per class


Bookings can be made through Distance and Rural Technologies or contact us to request a time.

Karen Player , Manager Museum Outreach
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