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What’s new on AMplify podcast

Treasures – an Australian Museum podcast series

Our new podcast series reveals the hidden stories behind some of the world’s greatest wonders. Join journalist Charles Wooley and Australian Museum Director Kim McKay as they explore the astounding objects and specimens of the 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum exhibition, housed in the nation’s oldest museum gallery.

HumanNature Lecture Series

HumanNature is a landmark lecture series at the Australian Museum that offers a range of talks by leading international scholars in the Environmental Humanities. It will draw on insights from history, literature, philosophy, anthropology, and related disciplines and explore the important roles that the humanities can play in addressing some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our day.

This Lecture Series is jointly funded and coordinated by the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, Western Sydney University, the University of Sydney and the Australian Museum.

2018 Lecture Series

AMplify & Live at the AM

AMplify brings you up close and personal with the life and work of the Australian Museum’s scientists and cultural experts, in conversation with museum director Kim McKay.

Live at the AM offers you a front row seat at enlightening presentations by leading scientists, philosophers, explorers, writers and thinkers.