Tetraodontidae - Pufferfishes

View images and fact sheets of the tetraodontid fishes. The family contains the blowfishes, pufferfishes, toadfishes, toadoes, and tobys.

Scribbled Puffer, Arothron mappa at North Solitary Island

Scribbled Puffer, Arothron mappa at North Solitary Island
Photographer: Ian Shaw © Ian Shaw

Arothron caeruleopunctatus Bluespotted Puffer
Arothron hispidus Stars and Stripes Toadfish
Arothron manilensis Narrow-lined Pufferfish
Arothron mappa Scribbled Puffer
Arothron nigropunctatus Blackspotted Pufferfish
Arothron stellatus Starry Pufferfish
Canthigaster amboinensis Ambon Toby
Canthigaster bennetti Bennett's Puffer
Canthigaster callisterna Clown Toby
Canthigaster compressa Compressed Toby
Canthigaster coronata Crowned Puffer
Canthigaster epilampra Lantern Toby
Canthigaster papua False-eye Puffer
Canthigaster valentini Blacksaddle Toby
Chelonodon patoca Milkspot Toadfish
Feroxodon multistriatus Ferocious Pufferfish
Lagocephalus cheesemanii Cheeseman's Puffer
Lagocephalus inermis Smooth Golden Pufferfish
Lagocephalus lagocephalus Ocean Puffer
Lagocephalus sceleratus Silver Toadfish
Omegophora armilla Ringed Toadfish
Omegophora cyanopunctata Bluespotted Toadfish
Tetractenos glaber Smooth Toadfish
Tetractenos hamiltoni Common Toadfish
Torquigener pleurogramma Weeping Toadfish
Torquigener squamicauda Scalytail Toadfish

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