Student Projects and Placements

The Audience Research Unit is committed to improving practice across the museum sector through an extensive program of student internships and training to encourage emerging museum workers, targetting both Australian-based and international students.

Students learn practical skills in team work, project management, data collection, management and reporting. The Museum benefits through learning about current issues, concerns and questions from students as newcomers to the industry. This allows for reflection and improvement to practices.

Students pursuing post-graduate research can work with the Unit on projects that complement our objectives. Full office facilities are offered such as desk space, computers and access to the Museum's Research Library. A number of students are supervised each year with past projects including:

  • Design and learning in museum exhibitions
  • Kids' Island Exhibition Summative Evaluation
  • Australia's Lost Kingdoms Exhibition Evaluation
  • Triggers for family visits
  • Use of multimedia in exhibitions: literature review and depth interviews
  • Evaluation of Community Program, Biodiversity Exhibition
  • Catching the harbour Exhibition Remedial Evaluation
  • School visits to museums: a literature review
  • Researching children's drawings
  • Human Evolution Exhibition Front-end evaluation
  • Thylacine Exhibition Summative Evaluation Tracking Study
  • Exhibitions as Contested Sites: The Role of Museums in Contemporary Society Research project placements
  • Use of Handheld Technologies in museums
  • African Impressions Exhibition Summative Evaluation
  • Use of Live Animals in museum exhibitions
  • Science in the City Summative Evaluations 2001-2009
  • Skeletons Exhibition Summative Evaluation 2005
  • Search & Discover Exhibition Summative Evaluation
  • Climate Change Exhibition Summative Evaluation tracking study
  • Indigenous Australians Exhibition Summative Evaluation
  • Experiments in Museum social media - specifically the Audience Research blog, wiki and Flickr site
  • Sumative evaluation of the Menagerie exhibition

Current placements include a student from Holland evaluating the Wildlife Photographer of the Year/My Photo Studio exhibition.

For further information contact Lynda Kelly.

Dr Lynda Kelly , Manager Online, Editing and Audience Research
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