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  • Exhibiting human remains

    The trade in antiquities, including human remains was commonplace in the 19th century. Public fascination with mummies has remained steadfast, but some museums in the 21st century are attempting to redress the balance, to look at the history of acquisition of these remains and to begin a dialogue with their communities of origin. In a similar way , many Indigenous remains in museums were acquired unethically. The Australian Museum supports the repatriation of these remains to their community of origin.

  • Virtual Museum of the Pacific

    A virtual platform is being created to unlock the Australian Museum’s world-renowned Pacific Collection for a global audience.

  • Gould in the field

    The success of Gould's various business and scientific endeavours relied on an uninterrupted supply of bird specimens that had been collected from all around the world. A number of Gould's contemporaries suggest that he was more at home behind a desk sorting his bird skins than out in the bush collecting them.

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