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  • Southern Spineback, Notacanthus sexspinis Richardson, 1846

    The Southern Spineback has an eel-like body. In Australia it is known from off the central New South Wales coast and around the south of the country to south-western Western Australia.

  • This week in Fish: Massive eel and Fish Dissection

    This week we show you the biggest freshwater eel you have ever seen.  We have added more important pages from the old site, including the dissection of a Bluespotted Flathead.  Many of the fieldwork pages have also been added.  We are working flat out because Rebecca, our champion web helper is only with us until the end of June!

  • Gobiesocidae - Clingfishes

    Use the table to access images and fact sheets of the gobiesocid fishes on the site. The family includes the Clingfishes and Shore Eels.

  • This week in Fish: Fantastic fish feeding footage

    This week we show footage of Marlin, whales and seals feeding. There is also great footage of sharks and an Oilfish from the Coral Sea.

  • Find a fish

    The table below lists all fish families known from Australian waters. The site contains information on 1488 species in 274 families.

  • Fishes of Sydney Harbour

    Sydney Harbour has a very rich fish fauna.  Nearly 600 species live in it, enter it, or are known from historic records.