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  • Largescale Grunter, Terapon theraps Cuvier, 1829

    The Largescale Grunter can be recognised by its colouration. It is silvery-grey above, silver-white below and has four broad dusky to blackish stripes on the sides of the body. The species is omnivorous, and occurs in inshore waters of the tropical Indo-west Pacific.

  • This week in Fish: Ellie the eel

    All was quiet on the web front last week because we were doing fieldwork.  We've made up for it this week with the addition of plenty of new content.  The blog posts on a wayward Sargassum Anglerfish and Ellie the eel are certainly worth a look, as are the great new images.  Thank you as always to all contributors.

  • This week in Fish: Rebecca Field and a deepsea fish

    It's been another huge week for the website.  Rebecca has migrated so many pages Mark can't keep up!  We added a rare deepsea fish to the collection and discuss the identity of a scorpionfish from Nelson Bay, New South Wales.

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