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19 September: The Rote Boat (Timor-Leste-Expedition)

With their equipment finally arriving this morning, the marine scientists were able to have their first dive.

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Science, Date: 20 Sep 2012

18 September: The Art Of Improvisation (Timor-Leste Expedition)

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. With their equipment still being processed by Customs, our marine scientists got inventive.

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Science, Date: 18 Sep 2012

17 September: Two Out Of Three Aint Bad (Timor-Leste Expedition)

Arrive in Dili? Check. Pick up the ethanol? Check. Collect freight? Not yet. What do scientists do when they can't do what they usually do?

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Science, Date: 17 Sep 2012

16 September: A Day in Darwin (Timor-Leste Expedition)

The marine stage of the Museum's expedition to Timor-Leste has begun, with the team arriving safely in Darwin.

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Science, Date: 16 Sep 2012

15 September: Why Is An Arts Grad Going On A Scientific Survey? (Timor-Leste Expedition)

With the terrestrial trip completed, the Museum is about to embark on the marine stage of its expedition to Timor-Leste.

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Science, Date: 15 Sep 2012

This week in Fish: Monty the non-python

Next week the 'marine team' travels to East Timor to participate in a biodiversity survey.  Despite the busy week of preparations we managed to add some interesting content.  Dr Stuart Welsh visited to work on freshwater catfishes and we received a great video on 'Monty' the Blue Groper.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 14 Sep 2012

Social Musings: Stories from August

What have we been up to on Facebook and Twitter? Online Producer Michael Hugill cuts out the stats and pastes in the more interesting social media stories (in a picture book format no less).

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 13 Sep 2012

This fortnight in Fish

We didn't do a summary post last Friday, so this 'week' is a double-whammy.  There is some brilliant new content, the highlight for me was the underwater footage of Orange Roughy. Fantastic stuff! Thank you as always to all contributors.

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 07 Sep 2012

DigiVol: Digitising molluscs

This year, DigiVol has been digitising the Malacology Collection which is one of the largest Collections in the Australian Museum. Read Dr Mandy Reid's account of her experience with the project.

By: Leonie Prater, Category: Science, Date: 07 Sep 2012

The Act Of Butterfly Collecting (Timor-Leste Expedition)

Catching butterflies hasn't changed much in a hundred years: you still need a good net, keen eyes and quick reflexes. Entomologist Dr Dave Britton describes one of the amazing catches he made during the Museum's terrestrial expedition to Timor-Leste.

By: Dr David Britton, Michael Hugill, Category: Science, Date: 05 Sep 2012