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Museum Mascots

It's #MuseumMascot day on Twitter - say whaaat?? 

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 13 Oct 2011

Pop-up Squid

Ever wondered what a tiny pop-up squid looks like?

By: Ms Jen Cork, Category: Science, Date: 12 Oct 2011

Pygmy Squid in a dish!

Earlier in the year, Dr Mandy Reid was on a field trip at Sussex Inlet in NSW and collected a new species of Pygmy squid.

By: Ms Jen Cork, Category: Science, Date: 12 Oct 2011

Museum Scientist Wins Prestigious Publishing Prize

A Q&A with Technical Officer Michael Shea, co-winner of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales' Whitley Medal, the most sought after prize in Australian zoological publishing.

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Science, Date: 07 Oct 2011

The Carbon Tax Controversy

Currently, when you buy something that relies on carbon-intensive materials or manufacturing, the price you pay does not reflect the cost it has on the environment. Is the carbon tax a brilliant solution to climate change or does it mean pain with no environmental gain?

By: Isabelle Kingsley, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 06 Oct 2011

Natural Solutions

Is there a natural solution to our carbon emissions problem?

By: Jonathon Cant, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 30 Sep 2011

Coral Biodiversity Expedition #4

o our great fortune the wind dropped slightly so we had the opportunity to survey the exposed South Eastern slope.

By: Dr Zoe Richards, Category: Science, Date: 30 Sep 2011

Behind DangerOz: what did we learn?

DangerOz was a long time in development. A few false starts, a couple of staff changes, Government tendering and contractual requirements all combined to slow this project down. However, we learned a great deal along the way so thought I’d share some reflections. 

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 30 Sep 2011

Deep Oceans – Sneak Peek with Dr Nerida Wilson

The Australian Museum, in collaboration with Questacon, is currently developing an exhibition on the mysterious 'Deep Oceans'.

By: Ms Jen Cork, Category: At The Museum, Date: 29 Sep 2011

Coral trout spawning

Just before sunset on the night of the new moon (27 September 2011) Mike Emslie, Lyle Vail and Anne Hoggett visited a known spawning aggregation site for coral trout not far from the research station.  

By: Dr Zoe Richards, Dr Anne Hoggett, Category: Science, Date: 28 Sep 2011