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Download the policy and procedures applicable to the deposition of archaeological collections at the Australian Museum

Archaeological Storeroom

Archaeological Storeroom
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In NSW the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 provides for the protection and management of Aboriginal archaeological materials, and nominates the Australian Museum as one of the potential repositories for Aboriginal archaeological objects.

The Australian Museum holds the most comprehensive collection of Aboriginal archaeological objects for NSW: a collection notable by its geographic and thematic extent, historic nature, the quality of its documentation and accessibility. This collection now numbers over a million objects, roughly 75% of which derived from archaeological research or salvage work authorised under the legislative framework of the National Parks and Wildlife Act

Two documents are available to guide archaeologists or other heritage practitioners seeking to lodge material under the auspices of NSW heritage and planning legislation.

1. The Archaeological Collection Deposition Policy outlines the conditions under which the Australian Museum will accept archaeological materials collected under the framework of the relevant NSW legislation. The policy identifies two guiding principals under by which the Museum will determine whether or not to accept material: its significance and the capacity of the Museum to house the materials.

2. Protocols for the Deposition of Archaeological Materials are designed to make sure that any archaeological materials deposited in the Museum are done so in a manner that will allow it to curate the material as effectively and efficiently as possible. The protocols outline the Museum's requirements regarding packaging, documentation and cost recovery.

For more details contact the Collections Officer, Indigenous Archaeology.

Mrs Allison Dejanovic , Collection Officer
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