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The seashore is the narrow coastal strip where the land meets the sea. There are three main types of seashores - sandy shores, rocky coasts and mangroves. Seashores are some of the most varied environments on Earth. They are continually submerged and exposed by the rise and fall of the tide. The harshness of seashore environments affects not only which animals and plants can live there, but also how those that do live there behave to survive. Sandy shores, rocky coasts and mangroves are studied in the box.

Life on the Seashore
Content image of the Life on the Seashore Museum in a Box Image: Stuart Humphreys
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Box Contents:

  • Rocky Shore diorama
  • Marine Wetland diorama
  • Sandy Shore panel
  • Animal Life In a Tide pool video
  • Sea shore life game
  • Books
  • Posters
  • Fact sheets
  • Information panels

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