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Dinosaurs existed in a fantastic range of shapes and colours and possessed some amazing defence weaponry - armour-plating and very effective teeth and claws. While some dinosaurs were up to 50 metres long or weighed up to 50 tonnes, some were about the size of a chicken.

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Dinosaurs are classified as a group of reptiles, although some of their features are found in mammals and birds living today rather than in reptiles. It appears that some dinosaurs were warm-blooded and walked with an upright gait.

Dinosaurs are the ancestors of modern birds. Australian dinosaur fossils are relatively recent discoveries and are featured in the Dinosaurs box.

Box Contents:

  • Dinosaur models
  • Activity booklets
  • Become pals with a Palaeontologist
  • Bone in the Stone
  • The Winton Stampede
  • Large footprint cast
  • Minmi skin cast
  • Footprint moulds
  • Fact sheets
  • Poster
  • DVD 'Muttaburrasaurus', Film Australia
  • Books on Australian Dinosaurs
  • Information panels

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