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From an Egyptian mummy to Ned Kelly, uncover the hidden stories of 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum in the Westpac Long Gallery.

This magnificently restored gallery showcases 100 objects and 100 people that have influenced the museum, nation and region and reveals the unexpected stories that make them treasures.


The Westpac Long Gallery is a new permanent gallery. It is open daily, 9.30am - 5pm and entry is included in your General Admission ticket. See the admission page for more information.

Westpac Long Gallery Highlights

Theban mummy and coffin

Theban mummy and coffin

Archaeologists excavated this Egyptian mummy from a tomb in Thebes (modern-day Luxor). A computed tomography (CT) scan has recently revealed the mummy holds the body of a woman mummified 2,200 years ago.

Australia's first bank note

Until the Bank of New South Wales (now Westpac) was established in 1817, there were no local bank notes in circulation in the colony. This note was issued on the bank’s first day of operating 8 April 1817.

Australia's first bank note
Captain Cook's Hawaiian feathered cape

Captain Cook's Hawaiian ‘Ahu‘ula

This kipuka or feathered cape was given to Captain Cook on his third – and fatal – Pacific voyage by Ali’i (chief) Kalani’opu’u, as an official welcome to Hawaii in December 1778 or January 1779.

Eric the opalised pliosaur

Eric the pliosaur lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (about 200–66 million years ago). Eric’s bones – as well as the tiny fossilised bones of fish inside his stomach – opalised as he was preserved in the sandstone.

Eric the opalised pliosaur

Westpac Long Gallery Story - with Exhibition Designer Aaron Maestri

Treasures – An Australian Museum Podcast Series

Our new podcast series reveals the hidden stories behind some of the world’s greatest wonders. Join journalist Charles Wooley and Australian Museum Director Kim McKay as they explore the astounding objects and specimens of the 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum exhibition, housed in the nation’s oldest museum gallery.

Kim McKay and Charley Wooley at the Westpac Long Gallery

Episode 1: The first and finest gallery in the land

Step inside the Westpac Long Gallery – home of 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum. Newly restored, it showcases the most important items in the museum’s collection of more than 18 million scientific specimens and cultural objects.

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Gold nugget size in comparison to a gold coin

Episode 2: The great gold nugget and the cricket stumps

Sydney in the early 1800s was a fledgling colony. With the release of Australia’s first bank note and the subsequent gold rush in NSW came the whiff of financial security. But how did a large gold nugget go from an abandoned mine shaft to a government office corridor game of cricket?

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AM Conservator Sheldon Teare prepares a peacock specimen

Facelift for the future

Conservators, designers and historians prepare for the opening of 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum in the Westpac Long Gallery.

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Cleansing Ceremony in Westpac Long Gallery

Cleansing ceremony

Aboriginal Elders recently led a cleansing ceremony in the historic Westpac Long Gallery, marking a new beginning in the space.

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Concept Drawing of Westpac Long Gallery View from Ground Floor

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