Get closer to over 400 real spider specimens including live tarantulas, giant water spiders and deadly funnel-webs.

Visit the Venom Lab to see talks and feeding demonstrations (Monday - Friday at 10.30am) and live invertebrate venom milking (10.30am on Saturday and Sunday and 1.30pm on Monday - Sunday ), enter a cave crawling with spiders, test your strength against spider silk and dare yourself to try other creepy crawly immersive experiences.


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Spiders are awesome - they can spin webs, climb, swim, dance, parachute and they can even drop a limb when threatened and grow it back.

At the Australian Museum’s major new exhibition you’ll discover why spiders are the most successful animals on the planet and just how dangerous (or not) they really are… Spiders - Alive & Deadly will ignite your curiosity, conquer your fears and leave you seeing spiders in a whole new light.

Get Closer

Venom Lab at the Australian Museum

Watch venom milking demonstrations of venomous invertebrates, including spiders, scorpions and centipedes, at the Venom Lab - Monday to Friday at 1.30pm and Saturday to Sunday at 10.30am and 1.30pm.

Dome Spider at the Australian Museum

Be completely surrounded by live Dome Tent-web Spiders and their large dome-shaped webs in a viewing sphere. These spiders are common in north and north-eastern Australia and can grow as large as a child's hand.

Tasmanian Cave Spiders at the Australian Museum

Enter into the rarely seen world of the Tasmanian Cave Spider. Grab a virtual torch to shed light on their mysterious home. As your shadow is cast on the cave walls, interact with these web weavers!

Download the Spiders - Alive & Deadly App

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Spiders - Alive & Deadly App screen 3

Bring spiders to life and interact with them using your mobile device!

You can make them dance, snap a picture with them and even keep them as a pet.

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