Kevin Butler Artists' statement

Stolen Generations Maze

Painting E094377 - Artists' Statement

Painting E094377 - Artists' Statement
Photographer: Finton Mahoney © Australian Museum

"If only it was just a dream, a horrible nightmare that would fade into oblivion with the dawn of a new day.

This maze portrays a sinister chapter in the history of Indigenous Australians. For our people it is definitely the most feared adversary since the arrival of Captain Cook. The Aboriginal Protection Board!

Many generations of stolen babies and children unwittingly became pawns in a ruthless game of life, with rules that were based on lies and deception.

As you wander through the confines of this labyrinth, you shall witness the attrocities our people suffered as a result of forced seperation.

An act classified as one of the greatest Australian crimes of the 20th Century".

Kevin Butler, 1997

Ms Rebecca Fisher , Collections Officer - Culture: Australia
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