Image: Shingleback Lizard

Shingleback Lizard

Shingleback Lizard, Tiliqua rugosa

Stuart Humphreys
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seekme - 1.11 AM, 03 November 2011
Interesting story about a Golden Orb Spider in Perth (which my Grand Daughter named - Dominique) This Spider, each night, spun her Web to catch a tasty insect, some nights (because of wind velocity She could not attain anchor threads. I constructed a 10 Kg fishing line from her resting point to a fence (about 3 meters away), she used this each night to drop her anchor webs to the Ground. After some months she vanished, but I now see two of her offspring repeating their Mothers habits, one using the fishing line used by their Mother.

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karen_atizado - 8.11 PM, 01 November 2011
Ive seen 2 shingleback lizards in our backyard. I dnt knw if theyre a couple or 2 males searchng 4 their mates. Theyve been there loitering every morning for 3 days now. Should i just leave them to roam or should i be concerned with snakes as their predators? Is it also safe to pet them? We've been giving them pieces of bread and so far they‘ve munch on them.

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