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Rudie Kuiter

Rudie Kuiter working on his nudibranch book.

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Rudie Kuiter was born in Holland, and moved to Australia in 1964. His interest in fishes began at the age of five, when his father provided him with a tiny pond for native fishes he was catching. He became a keen aquarist and fisherman until he came to Australia, where he took up diving and photography.

He worked as an electronic engineer, and studied marine fishes in the Sydney area as a hobby for fifteen years until he moved to Melbourne, where he extended his interest to the south-coast species. He became an associate with the Australian Museum and began working with ichthyologists in various institutes, publishing papers on taxonomy and biology of fishes.

At the same time he developed his own fish photography techniques, These photographs were used in both popular articles in magazines to scientific publications. The hobby turned into a profession in 1978.

He is the author of numerous publications including several of the current books on fishes of southern Australian waters.  A number of his excellent photographs have been used on the Australian Museum website.

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