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Rohan Pett

Rohan Pett at the Australian Museum, March 2010.

Mark McGrouther
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Rohan Pett is an Australian Museum Research Associate. He is currently working with the collection staff of the Fish Section and pursuing his own research and editing projects.

The royalites from Rohan's 1991 book Freshwater fishes of Sri Lanka allowed him to endow a foundation, the Wildlife Heritage Trust (WHT). WHT published biodiversity-relevant books (more than 40 in all) and magazines on both Sri Lankan and foreign topics (e.g., Fishes of Laos). Between 1990 and the present, he worked with a team funded by WHT, to engage in extensive biodiversity exploration in Sri Lanka, leading to the discovery and description of some 50 new species of amphibians (descriptions of a further ~30 are in progress), 22 freshwater fish, 17 reptiles and 44 freshwater crabs (among smaller numbers of taxa from other groups, including mammals).

In 2000 he won the prestigious Rolex Award for Enterprise. Watch the movie about Rohan's work on the Rolex site.

Read more about Rohan's achievements on Wikipedia.

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Mark McGrouther - 9.03 AM, 29 March 2010

Hi Rishard,  I have sent your details to Rohan.  He will contact you soon.

rishard - 2.03 AM, 28 March 2010
Hi there. someone pls help me to get Rohan Pethiyagoda`s contact details since i need to talk to him urgently. Thank you. Rishard Hamid. ( +94777258258

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