Image: QiaCube DNA extraction robot

QiaCube DNA extraction robot

QiaCube DNA extraction robot

Andrew King
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Andrew King - 9.09 AM, 08 September 2010


Hi Mark
It is actually a small washing machine..... for DNA. The QiaCube takes broken up cells and debris and passes them through silica matrix filters that capture the DNA. It performs a couple of wash steps and spin cycles. The DNA is then released from the filters with elution buffer. It can perform ~ 70 extractions /day freeing up the DNA lab staff to do more interesting and complicated tasks.
Mark McGrouther - 11.09 AM, 04 September 2010

Hi Andrew. Wow!  It looks a little like a cross between an old washing machine and a kitchen stove.  In a few sentences can you please tell me a little bit more about it?  No need to explain the meaning of life ... I have that one under control already :)

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