Image: Pot, Fiji E26007

Pot, Fiji E26007

Local name: saqa moli

Provenance: Fiji, Melanesia, Pacific

This clay water container consists of a cluster of three hollow, connected and communicating spheres. As good clay was hard to find there were only a small number of villages that specialised in producing pots like these. The outside is rubbed with the resin of a Pacific kauri tree called makadre while still hot from being fired. This water container was purchased by the Museum in 1920.

Description: Ceramic, glazed container of red/brown clay; three spherical containers joined at the sides and at the top by handles; top half of each container decorated with parallel line design and ring of raised bosses on the circumference; bottom half plain; handles decorated with three rows of raised bosses; one container has a large hole and one has a small spout; circumference of containers approx. 10cm.

Height: 15cm; Length: 20.5cm; Width: 18cm


Emma Furno
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