Image: Mask, Papua New Guinea E46401

Mask, Papua New Guinea E46401

Local name: lomondi

Provenance: Korogopa village, Keram River, Angoram sub-province, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, Pacific

This face mask was placed in dwelling houses and represents a spirit who guards the food supply and other assets in hunting and fishing expeditions. The mask was sold to the Museum in 1938 by Mr Wauchope, a Papua New Guinean coconut plantation owner. In 1934 Mr Wauchope offered to collect for the Museum "a complete collection of ethnological and anthropological material from the coast to the head waters of the Sepik River". Over the next few years he supplied 728 artefacts to the Museum.

Description: carved, wooden face with nose, eyes and forehead decorated with cowrie and nassa shells embedded in dark brown resin; a pair of pig tusks through nose; face bordered by decorative band of shells and three blue glass beads embedded in resin, which is stuck to a woven split cane backing fringed with cassowary feathers.

Height: 12cm; Length: 40cm; Width: 28cm

Emma Furno
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