Image: Mask, Papua New Guinea E22244

Mask, Papua New Guinea E22244

Local name: eharo, oa heaha

Provenance: Orokolo Bay, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, Pacific

This dance mask was worn by a young man during an adult initiation ceremony (kaiva kuku). Such masks were usually burnt after the ceremony. Mr Sidney Macdonnell, a trader living in Orokolo Bay in Gulf Province probably acquired the mask in that region; he then sold it to the Museum in 1913.

Description: White, conical-shaped mask; bark cloth stretched over and sewn to cane frame; anthropomorphic head with prominent eyes and open mouth; back of head decorated with a red circle within a black, uneven, nine-pointed star shape; two projecting arms at sides, bent at elbows, with five-fingered hands.

Height: 43cm; Wedith: 65cm

Emma Furno
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