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Dr John E. Randall

Dr Jack Randall, ichthyologist.

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Without question, Jack Randall is one of the most respected current-day ichthyologists and a world authority on coral reef fishes. He has described over 600 species and has written 11 books and over 670 scientific and popular articles.

Jack has participated in numerous scientific expeditions and has made countless SCUBA dives to collect specimens. He has developed excellent photographic methods, both underwater and of newly collected specimens. His photographs have been published widely.

He has had many academic positions but has spent much of his career as the senior ichthyologist at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jack was the popular winner of the prestigious Bleeker Award in Systematic Ichthyology at the Seventh Indo-Pacific Fish Conference in Taipei, Taiwan in 2005.

Many of his photographs are now online.

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