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David Muirhead

David Muirhead on the surface after a dive at Port Hughes Jetty, Moonta Bay, Yorke Peninsula, March 2002.

C. Hall
© C. Hall


"Is toddling in Adelaide's tidal pools bad for high-risk kids?" Such normal environmental exposure does seem to have arrested my development, for at 52 I have the same fascination for biodiverse South Australia as I did half a century ago.

Fortunately my 'hunter and collector' (read OC) mindset allows me to masquerade as an under-cover GP while I go about my real mission: observing and photographing Southern Oz' wonderful aquatic life - mainly marine, but let's not forget Ewens and Picaninnie Ponds!

As a long term MLSSA member I contribute many images to the Marine Life Society of SA's Photographic Index of our local marine plants and animals.

I've only two enemies: time and technology. Hypothermic dry-suit sweat rash WAS a third, but global warming makes me omit that one.

My Ikelite-housed Nikon F2, 55mm and 105mm lenses with back-up Nikonos paraphernalia have served me well, and so did my very old Rollei-Marin set - up till a Japanese collector snapped it up just a few years ago.

So I'm still using 100 ASA slide film, but my conversion to digital appears imminent despite my recent experience on the receiving end of the doctor-patient health screening relationship!

I often close with a quote and this is it:
'...for there's a track winding back to an old-fashioned shack...'

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stevereynolds600 - 3.11 PM, 26 November 2011
Nice picture! Time to update your details perhaps?

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