How does climate change make you feel?

We asked a group of students in Years 9-11 how the issue of climate change makes them feel. This is what they had to say.

Climate change makes me feel:

  • scared because it's something out of my individual control. It's really hard to see how you can make a difference on your own when not everyone is supporting change.
  • a little bit angry because things are changing every day and you don't know what is going to happen next.
  • disappointed because I am astounded that we have got to this place. We now have to take drastic actions to save our world. Still some people are not willing to change their ways in order to help future generations.
  • quietly optimistic because itis a chance for humanity to put aside its differences and work together to combat the issue. I'm worried and helpful at the same time.
  • guilty because even though I do my bit. I know that because of humans the world is hurting. It makes me want to get my friends and family memebers that aren't doing their bit to ....TAKE ACTION!!
  • significantly disappointed because it is us as people who are making devestating damage to our planet and there is only a small number who are actually taking action on climate change.

Pauline Fitzgerald , Project Officer
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