Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Global Biodiversity Information Facility - GBIF - enables free and open access to biodiversity data online. GBIF is an international government-initiated and funded initiative focused on making biodiversity data available to all and anyone, for scientific research, conservation and sustainable development.

An old jar containing a holotype

An old jar containing a holotype
Photographer: Jason Armstrong © Australian Museum

GBIF provides three core services and products:

  • An information infrastructure: an Internet-based index of a globally distributed network of interoperable databases that contain primary biodiversity data – information on museum specimens, field observations of plants and animals in nature, and results from experiments – so that data holders across the world can access and share them
  • Community-developed tools, standards and protocols: the tools data providers need to format and share their data
  • Capacity-building: the training, access to international experts and mentoring programs that national and regional institutions need to become part of a decentralised network of biodiversity information facilities. 




Mr Martin Pueschel , Scientific Illustrator
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