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    Principal Research Scientist
  • Branch
    Australian Museum Research Institute

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My research is mostly focussed on gastropod and bivalve Mollusca. I am interested in their deep phylogenetic history, particularly the genetic and physiological bases underlying their major transitions in habitat or morphology, and I am interested in how their populations are responding to the environmental challenges now confronting them.

Research Interests

Defining evolutionary sustainability on the coasts of southeastern Australia

The genomics of habitat transitions in molluscs

The systematics and phylogeography of the landsnail family Charopidae

Current projects

  • Habitat transitions and invasive genotypes in the mussel genus Xenostrobus
  • The genomics of habitat transitions in gastropods
  • Intra-species phylogeography of the mussel Austromytilus rostratus in the rocky intertidal in southeastern Australia
  • The systematics of the charopid genus Gyrocochlea 


  • B.Sc. (Hons) A.N.U. 1976
  • B.Ec. A.N.U. 1986
  • Ph.D. Melb. 1980


  • 1998 - date: Principal Research Scientist, Australian Museum.
  • 1988 – 2004: Head, Evolutionary Biology Unit, Australian Museum.
  • 1982 - 1985: Postdoctoral Fellow, Research School of Biological Sciences, A.N.U.
  • 1980 - 1982: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biological Sciences, University of Sydney.
  • 1976 - 1977: Demonstrator, School of Biological Sciences, University of Newcastle.

Current Society Membership

Publications Since 2006


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