Fishes of Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour has a very rich fish fauna.  Nearly 600 species live in it, enter it, or are known from historic records.

Bigbelly Seahorse at Balmoral Beach

Bigbelly Seahorse at Balmoral Beach
Photographer: Erik Schlögl © Erik Schlögl

Number of species (April 2018) = 596

This figure can be put into perspective when compared with 540 species recorded from the Mediterranean Sea (Helfman, Collette & Facey (2009) and 276 from UK coastal waters to a depth of 200 m (Crimmen pers.comm.).

The following list of fishes has mostly been extracted from the Australian Museum Ichthyology Database. It represents species for which the Australian Museum Fish Collection holds a specimen. It is not a definitive list but does cover the majority of species currently known to live in (or have swum into) the harbour.

Eighty two species of fishes were originally described from in and around Sydney. Of these, 49 are still considered valid species, the remainder are treated as junior synonyms. Twenty six of the 49 valid species are endemic to Australian waters. Only a single species, the Sydney Scorpionfish, is currently known only from inside Sydney Harbour.

As the fish fauna of Sydney Harbour continues to be investigated, additional species that represent new distributional records and new species will be added to this list. The description of the Sydney Scorpionfish by Motomura in 2004 highlights the fact that there is still much to learn about Sydney's wonderful harbour.


  1. Helfman, G.S, Collette, B.B., Facey, D.E. and B.W. Bowen. 2009. The diversity of fishes: biology, evolution and ecology. 2nd edn. Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester. Pp. 720.
  2. Stead, D.G., 1963. Sharks and rays of Australian seas. Angus and Robertson, Sydney. Pp. 211.


Family Common Name


Species Common Name


Acanthuridae Surgeonfishes Acanthurus dussumieri Eyestripe Surgeonfish close to southen limit
  Acanthurus olivaceus Orangebloch Surgeonfish  close to southen limit
Acanthuridae    Acanthurus triostegus Convict Surgeonfish close to southen limit 
Acanthuridae   Acanthurus xanthopterus Yellowmask Surgeonfish  
Acanthuridae   Paracanthurus hepatus Blue Tang not included in species count
Acanthuridae   Prionurus maculatus Spotted Sawtail   
Acanthuridae    Prionurus microlepidotus  Australian Sawtail  
Ambassidae  Glassfishes    Ambassis jacksoniensis Port Jackson glassfish   
Ambassidae   Ambassis marianus  Estuary Glassfish  
Anguillidae  Freshwater Eels Anguilla australis Shortfin Eel   
Anguillidae   Anguilla reinhardtii  Longfinned Eel  
Antennariidae Anglerfishes Antennarius coccineus Freckled Anglerfish southern limit
Antennariidae   Antennarius commerson Giant Anglerfish close to southen limit
Antennariidae   Antennarius hispidus Shaggy Anglerfish southern limit
Antennariidae   Antennarius pictus Painted Anglerfish  
Antennariidae   Antennarius striatus Striate Anglerfish  
Antennariidae   Histrio histrio Sargassum Anglerfish close to southen limit
Antennariidae    Porophryne erythrodactylus Red-fingered Anglerfish  
Aploactinidae Velvetfishes   Aploactisoma milesii Southern Velvetfish  
Aploactinidae   Cocotropus microps Patchwork Velvetfish  
Aploactinidae   Paraploactis trachyderma Bearded Velvetfish  
Aplodactylidae Seacarps   Aplodactylus lophodon Rock Cale  
Apogonidae Cardinalfishes Apogon angustatus Broadstripe Cardinalfish close to southen limit
Apogonidae   Apogon aureus Ringtail Cardinalfish southern limit
Apogonidae   Apogon capricornis Capricorn Cardinalfish  
Apogonidae   Apogon crassiceps Ruby Cardinalfish southern limit
Apogonidae   Apogon cyanosoma Orangeline Cardinalfish close to southen limit
Apogonidae   Apogon doederleini Fourline Cardinalfish close to southen limit
Apogonidae   Apogon fraenatus Spinyeye Cardinalfish close to southen limit
Apogonidae   Apogon hartzfeldi Silverline Cardinalfish close to southen limit
Apogonidae   Apogon limenus Sydney Cardinalfish  
Apogonidae   Apogon nigripinnis Two-eye Cardinalfish  
Apogonidae   Apogon semiornatus Halfband Cardinalfish close to southen limit
Apogonidae   Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus Five-lined Cardinalfish close to southen limit
Apogonidae   Foa yamba Yamba Cardinalfish photo record
Apogonidae   Ostorhinchus fasciatus Striped Cardinalfish  
Apogonidae   Pseudamia gelatinosa Gelatinous Cardinalfish close to southen limit
Apogonidae   Siphamia cephalotes Wood's Siphonfish  
Apogonidae   Siphamia roseigaster Pinkbreast Siphonfish  
Apogonidae   Vincentia novaehollandiae Eastern Gobbleguts  
Ariidae Fork-tailed Catfishes Netuma thalassina Giant Sea Catfish  
Arripidae Australian Salmons Arripis georgianus Australian Herring  
Arripidae   Arripis trutta Eastern Australian Salmon  
Atherinidae Hardyheads Atherinason hepsetoides Smallscale Hardyhead  
Atherinidae   Atherinomorus vaigiensis Ogilby's Hardyhead  
Atherinidae   Atherinosoma microstoma Smallmouth Hardyhead  
Aulopidae Sergeant Bakers Hime purpurissatus Sergeant Baker  
Balistidae Triggerfishes Sufflamen chrysopterum Eye-stripe Triggerfish close to southen limit
Balistidae   Sufflamen fraenatum Bridled Triggerfish close to southen limit
Batrachoididae Frogfishes Batrachomoeus dubius Eastern Frogfish close to southen limit
Belonidae Longtoms Ablennes hians Barred Longtom  
Belonidae   Strongylura leiura Slender Longtom  
Belonidae   Tylosurus gavialoides Stout Longtom  
Berycidae Alfonsinos Centroberyx affinis Redfish (Nannygai)  
Blenniidae  Blennies Aspidontus taeniatus False Cleanerfish  
Blenniidae   Istiblennius meleagris Peacock Rockskipper  
Blenniidae   Omobranchus anolius Oyster Blenny  
Blenniidae   Omobranchus rotundiceps Rotund Blenny  
Blenniidae   Parablennius intermedius Horned Blenny  
Blenniidae   Parablennius tasmanianus Tasmanian Blenny  
Blenniidae   Petroscirtes fallax Yellow Sabretooth Blenny  southern limit
Blenniidae   Petroscirtes lupus Brown Sabretooth Blenny  
Blenniidae   Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos Bluestriped Fangblenny close to southen limit
Blenniidae   Plagiotremus tapeinosoma Piano Fangblenny  
Blenniidae   Xiphasia setifer Hairtail Blenny  
Bothidae Lefteye Flounders Arnoglossus fisoni Fisons Flounder  
Bothidae   Crossorhombus howensis Lord Howe Flounder Australian Museum specimen
Bothidae   Engyprosopon grandisquama Spot-tail wide-eye Flounder  
Bothidae   Lophonectes gallus Crested Flounder  
Brachaeluridae Blind Sharks Brachaelurus waddi Blindshark  
Bramidae   Pomfrets Pteraclis velifera Southern Fanfish  
Bythitidae Bortulas Brosmophyciops pautzkei Slimy Cuskeel tropical species - one southern record
Bythitidae   Dermatopsis macrodon Eastern Yellow Blindfish  
Bythitidae   Monothrix polylepis Littoral Cusk  
Callanthiidae Splendid Perches Callanthias allporti Rosy Perch  
Callionymidae Dragonets Eocallionymus papilio Painted Stinkfish  
Callionymidae   Foetorepus calauropomus Common Stinkfish  
Callionymidae   Orbonymus rameus Whitespotted Dragonet  
Callionymidae   Repomucenus calcaratus Spotted Dragonet  
Callionymidae   Repomucenus limiceps Rough-head Dragonet  
Callorhynchidae Elephantfishes Callorhinchus milii Elephantfish young or females laying egg cases in Spring
Carangidae Trevallies Alectis ciliaris Pennantfish  
Carangidae   Carangoides orthogrammus Thicklip Trevally  
Carangidae   Caranx ignobilis Giant Trevally  
Carangidae   Caranx sexfasciatus Bigeye Trevally  
Carangidae   Decapterus muroadsi Temperate Scad  
Carangidae   Megalaspis cordyla  Finny Scad  
Carangidae   Naucrates ductor  Pilotfish close to southen limit
Carangidae   Pseudocaranx georgianus Araara was Silver Trevally, P. dentex
Carangidae   Seriola dumerili Amberjack  
Carangidae   Seriola hippos Samson fish  
Carangidae   Seriola lalandi Yellowtail Kingfish
Carangidae   Trachinotus baillonii Smallspot Dart close to southen limit
Carangidae   Trachinotus blochii Snubnose Dart close to southen limit
Carangidae   Trachurus declivis Common Jack Mackerel
Carangidae   Trachurus novaezelandiae Yellowtail Scad  
Carangidae     Uraspis secunda Cottonmouth Trevally  
Carapidae Pearlfishes Echiodon rendahli Messmate Fish  
Carcharhinidae Whaler Sharks Carcharhinus brachyurus Bronze Whaler  
Carcharhinidae   Carcharhinus falciformis Silky Shark  
Carcharhinidae   Carcharhinus leucas Bull Shark
Carcharhinidae   Carcharhinus obscurus Dusky Shark  
Carcharhinidae   Galeocerdo cuvier Tiger Shark close to southen limit
Centrolophidae Butterfishes Seriolella brama Blue Warehou  
Cepolidae Bandfishes Cepola australis Australian Bandfish  
Chaetodontidae Butterflyfishes Chaetodon auriga Threadfin Butterflyfish close to southen limit
Chaetodontidae   Chaetodon flavirostris Dusky Butterflyfish  
Chaetodontidae   Chaetodon guentheri Günther's Butterflyfish  
Chaetodontidae   Chaetodon kleinii Klein's Butterflyfish close to southen limit
Chaetodontidae   Chaetodon lunula Racoon Butterflyfish  
Chaetodontidae   Chaetodon melannotus Blackback Butterflyfish close to southen limit
Chaetodontidae   Chaetodon ulietensis Doublesaddle Butterflyfish close to southen limit
Chaetodontidae   Chelmon rostratus Beaked Coralfish  
Chaetodontidae   Chelmonops truncatus Eastern Talma  
Chaetodontidae   Heniochus acuminatus Longfin Bannerfish close to southen limit
Chaetodontidae   Heniochus diphreutes Schooling Bannerfish close to southen limit
Chaetodontidae   Parachaetodon ocellatus Ocellate Butterflyfish close to southen limit
Chanidae Milkfish Chanos chanos Milkfish close to southen limit
Cheilodactylidae Morwongs Cheilodactylus fuscus Red Morwong  
Cheilodactylidae   Cheilodactylus spectabilis Banded Morwong  
Cheilodactylidae   Cheilodactylus vestitus Crested Morwong  
Cheilodactylidae   Dactylophora nigricans Dusky Morwong  
Cheilodactylidae   Nemadactylus douglasii Grey Morwong  
Cheilodactylidae   Nemadactylus macropterus Jackass Morwong  
Chironemidae Kelpfishes Chironemus marmoratus Kelpfish  
Cirrhitidae Hawkfishes Cirrhitichthys aprinus Blotched Hawkfish  
Cirrhitidae   Cirrhitichthys falco Dwarf Hawkfish close to southen limit
Cirrhitidae   Cyprinocirrhites polyactis Lyre-tail Hawkfish  
Clinidae Weedfishes Cristiceps argyropleura Silverside Weedfish  
Clinidae   Cristiceps aurantiacus Golden Weedfish  
Clinidae   Cristiceps australis Crested Weedfish  
Clinidae   Heteroclinus heptaeolus Ogilby's weedfish  
Clinidae   Heteroclinus nasutus Largenose Weedfish  
Clinidae   Heteroclinus roseus Rosy Weedfish  
Clinidae   Heteroclinus whiteleggii Whitelegg's Weedfish  
Clupeidae  Herrings Etrumeus teres Maray  
Clupeidae   Herklotsichthys castelnaui Southern Sprat  
Clupeidae   Herklotsichthys koningsbergeri Largespotted Herring  
Clupeidae   Hyperlophus translucidus Glassy Sprat  
Clupeidae   Hyperlophus vittatus Sandy Sprat  
Clupeidae   Sardinops sagax Australian Pilchard  
Clupeidae    Spratelloides robustus Blue Sprat  
Congridae Conger Eels Conger verreauxi Southern Conger  
Congridae   Conger wilsoni Eastern Conger  
Congridae   Gnathophis longicaudus Little Conger  
Coryphaenidae Dolphinfishes, Mahi Mahi  Coryphaena hippurus Mahi Mahi  
Creediidae  Sandburrowers Creedia haswelli Slender Sandburrower  
Creediidae   Creedia partimsquamigera Half-scale Sandburrower  
Cynoglossidae Tongue Soles Paraplagusia bilineata Lemon Tongue-sole  
Cyprinidae Carps Carassius auratus


Primarily freshwater
Dactylopteridae Flying Gurnards Dactyloptena orientalis Purple Flying Gurnard  
Dasyatidae Stingrays Dasyatis brevicaudata Smooth Stingray  
Dasyatidae   Dasyatis fluviorum Estuary Stingray southen limit
Dasyatidae   Dasyatis kuhlii Bluespotted Maskray southern limit
Dinolestidae Longfin Pikes Dinolestes lewini Long-finned Pike  
Diodontidae Porcupinefishes Dicotylichthys punctulatus Three-bar Porcupinefish  
Diodontidae   Diodon holocanthus Freckled Porcupinefish  
Diodontidae   Diodon hystrix Black-spotted Porcupinefish  
Echeneidae Suckerfishes Echeneis naucrates Slender Suckerfish close to southern limit
Echeneidae   Remora remora Remora  
Eleotridae   Gobiomorphus australis Striped Gudgeon freshwater species
Eleotridae   Gobiomorphus coxii Cox's Gudgeon freshwater species
Eleotridae   Hypseleotris compressa Empire Gudgeon freshwater species
Eleotridae   Hypseleotris galii Firetailed Gudgeon freshwater species
Eleotridae   Philypnodon grandiceps Flathead Gudgeon freshwater species
Eleotridae   Philypnodon macrostomus Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon freshwater species
Elopidae Ladyfishes Elops hawaiensis Giant Herring southern limit
Engraulididae Anchovies Engraulis australis Australian anchovy  
Enoplosidae Old Wife Enoplosus armatus Old Wife  
Ephippididae Batfishes Platax teira   Teira Batfish close to southen limit
Exocoetidae Flyingfishes Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus Tallfin Flyingfish close to southen limit
Exocoetidae   Cypselurus hexazona Darkbar Flyingfish  
Exocoetidae   Hirundichthys oxycephalus Bony Flyingfish 
southern limit
Exocoetidae   Hirundichthys speculiger Mirrorwing Flyingfish southern limit
Fistulariidae Flutemouths Fistularia commersonii Smooth Flutemouth  
Fistulariidae   Fistularia petimba Rough Flutemouth  
Galaxiidae Galaxids Galaxias maculatus Common Galaxias primarily freshwater
Gempylidae Gemfishes Thyrsites atun Barracouta  
Gerreidae Silverbiddies Gerres subfasciatus Common Silverbiddy  
Glaucosomidae Pearl Perches Glaucosoma scapulare Pearl Perch  
Gobiesocidae Clingfishes Alabes dorsalis Common Shore-eel  
Gobiesocidae   Aspasmogaster costata

Pink Clingfish

 Gobiesocidae   Cochleoceps orientalis Eastern Cleaner-clingfish  
Gobiidae Gobies Acanthogobius flavimanus Yellowfin Goby Introduced species
Gobiidae   Acentrogobius pflaumii Striped Sandgoby Introduced species
Gobiidae   Afurcagobius tamarensis Tamar Goby  
Gobiidae   Amblygobius phalaena Whitebarred Goby  
Gobiidae   Arenigobius bifrenatus Bridled Goby
Gobiidae   Arenigobius frenatus Half-bridled Goby  
Gobiidae   Asterropteryx semipunctatus Starry Goby
Gobiidae   Bathygobius cocosensis Cocos Frillgoby  
Gobiidae   Bathygobius krefftii Krefft's Frillgoby  
Gobiidae   Callogobius depressus Flathead Goby  
Gobiidae   Callogobius mucosus Sculptured Goby  
Gobiidae   Cryptocentroides gobioides Crested Oyster Goby
Gobiidae   Eviota albolineata Whitelined Eviota southern limit
Gobiidae   Eviota sparsa  Sparse Eviota southern limit
Gobiidae   Favonigobius exquisitus Exquisite Sandgoby  
Gobiidae   Favonigobius lentiginosus Eastern Longfin-goby F. lateralis is a southern sp.

Gnatholepis anjerensis

Shoulder-spot Sandgoby southern limit
Gobiidae   Gobiopterus semivestitus Glassgoby  
Gobiidae   Istigobius hoesei Hoese's Sandgoby  
Gobiidae   Mugilogobius platynotus Flat-backed Mangrove-goby  
Gobiidae   Mugilogobius stigmaticus Black-spot Mangrove-goby close to southern limit
Gobiidae   Nesogobius pulchellus Sailfin Goby northern limit
Gobiidae   Pandaka lidwilli Lidwill's Dwarfgoby  
Gobiidae   Pleurosicya bilobata Seagrass Ghost-goby southern limit
Gobiidae   Pleurosicya mossambica Many-host Ghostgoby southern limit
Gobiidae   Priolepis cincta Girdled Reef-goby southern limit
Gobiidae   Priolepis nuchifasciata Threadfin Reef-goby southern limit
Gobiidae   Pseudogobius sp 9 Blue-spot Goby  
Gobiidae   Redigobius macrostoma Largemouth Goby  
Gobiidae   Tridentiger trigonocephalus Trident Goby Introduced from Japan, northern limit
Gobiidae   Trimma necopina Australian Pygmygoby southern limit
Gobiidae   Valenciennea helsdingenii Black-lined Sleeper Goby southern limit
Gobiidae    Valenciennea immaculata Immaculate  Glidergoby southern limit
Gonorynchidae Beaked Salmons Gonorynchus greyi Beaked Salmon  
Haemulidae Sweetlips Diagramma pictum Painted Sweetlips  
Haemulidae   Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus Goldspotted Sweetlips  
Haemulidae   Plectorhinchus gibbosus Brown Sweetlips southern limit
Hemiramphidae Garfishes Arrhamphus sclerolepis Snubnose Garfish southern limit
Hemiramphidae   Hemiramphus robustus Three-by-two Garfish  
Hemiramphidae   Hyporhamphus australis Eastern Sea Garfish  
Hemiramphidae   Hyporhamphus regularis River Garfish  
Hemiscylliidae Longtail Carpet Sharks Hemiscyllium ocellatum Epaulette Shark southern limit
Heterodontidae Horn Sharks   Heterodontus galeatus Crested Horn Shark  
Heterodontidae   Heterodontus portusjacksoni Port Jackson Shark  
Hexanchidae Sevengill Sharks  Notorynchus cepedianus Broadnosed Sevengill Shark  
Holocentridae Squirrelfishes Myripristis berndti Bigscale Soldierfish southern limit
Holocentridae   Ostichthys japonicus Giant Squirrelfish  
Hypnidae Coffin Rays Hypnos monopterygius Coffin Ray  
Istiophoridae Billishes Istiophorus sp. Probably I.platypterus Sailfish  
Istiophoridae   Makaira or Istiompax sp.
species uncertain
Kyphosidae Drummers Atypichthys strigatus Australian Mado  
Kyphosidae   Girella cyanea Bluefish close to southern limit
Kyphosidae   Girella elevata Rock Blackfish  
Kyphosidae   Girella tricuspidata Luderick  
Kyphosidae   Girella zebra Zebrafish  
Kyphosidae   Kyphosus sydneyanus Silver Drummer  
Kyphosidae   Microcanthus strigatus Stripey  
Kyphosidae   Scorpis lineolata Silver Sweep  
Kyphosidae   Scorpis violacea Violet Sweep  
Labridae Wrasses Achoerodus viridis Eastern Blue Groper  
Labridae   Anampses caeruleopunctatus Diamond Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Anampses elegans Elegant Wrasse  
Labridae   Anampses geographicus Scribbled Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Austrolabrus maculatus Black-spotted Wrasse  
Labridae   Bodianus axillaris Axilspot Hogfish   
Labridae   Bodianus flavipinnis  Yellowfin Pigfish  
Labridae   Bodianus frenchii Foxfish  
Labridae   Bodianus perditio Goldspot Pigfish southern limit
Labridae   Bodianus unimaculatus Pigfish  
Labridae   Choerodon cephalotes Purple Tuskfish southern limit
Labridae   Cirrhilabrus punctatus Fine-spotted Wrasse  
Labridae   Coris aurilineata Goldlined Wrasse  
Labridae    Coris dorsomacula Pink-lined Wrasse  
Labridae   Coris picta Comb Wrasse  
Labridae   Coris sandeyeri Eastern King Wrasse  
Labridae   Eupetrichthys angustipes Snakeskin Wrasse  
Labridae (Odacinae)   Haletta semifasciata Blue Weed-whiting northern limit
Labridae     Halichoeres hartzfeldi Orangeline Wrasse  
Labridae   Halichoeres hortulanus Checkerboard Wrasse southen limit
Labridae   Halichoeres marginatus Dusky Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Halichoeres nebulosus Nebulous Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Halichoeres prosopeion Twotone Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Hemigymnus melapterus Thicklip Wrasse southern limit
Labridae (Odacinae)   Heteroscarus acroptilus Rainbow Cale  
  Iniistius jacksonensis Keel-head Razorfish southern limit
Labridae     Labroides dimidiatus Common Cleanerfish  
Labridae   Leptojulis cyanopleura Shoulderspot Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Macropharyngodon negrosensis Black Leopard-Wrasse southern limit
Labridae (Odacinae)   Neoodax balteatus Little Weed Whiting  
Labridae     Notolabrus fucicola Purple Wrasse  northern limit
Labridae     Notolabrus gymnogenis Crimsonband Wrasse  
Labridae (Odacinae)   Odax cyanomelas Herring Cale  
Labridae   Ophthalmolepis lineolatus Maori Wrasse  
Labridae   Oxycheilinus bimaculatus Twospot Maori Wrasse   
Labridae   Oxycheilinus nigromarginatus Blackmargin Maori Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Pictilabrus laticlavius Senator Wrasse  
Labridae   Pseudojuloides elongatus Long Green Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Pseudolabrus guentheri Gunther's wrasse  
Labridae   Pseudolabrus luculentus Luculentus Wrasse  
Labridae   Pteragogus enneacanthus Cockerel Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Stethojulis interrupta Brokenline Wrasse  
Labridae   Stethojulis strigiventer Silverstreak Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Suezichthys arquatus Painted Rainbow Wrasse  
Labridae     Suezichthys devisi 
Australian Rainbow Wrasse   
Labridae   Suezichthys gracilis Slender Rainbow Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Thalassoma amblycephalum Bluntheaded Wrasse southern limit
Labridae   Thalassoma lunare Moon Wrasse  
Lamnidae Mackerel sharks Carcharodon carcharias White Shark One only from Watsons Bay (Stead, 1963)
Lamnidae   Isurus oxyrinchus Shortfin Mako  
Latridae Trumpeters Latridopsis forsteri Bastard Trumpeter  
Leiognathidae Ponyfishes Photoplagios moretoniensis Zig-zag Ponyfish southern limit
Leptoscopidae Sandfishes Lesueurina platycephala Flathead Sandfish  
Lethrinidae Emperors   Lethrinus genivittatus Threadfin Emperor  
Lethrinidae   Lethrinus miniatus Redthroat Emperor southern limit
Lethrinidae    Lethrinus nebulosus Spangled emperor close to southern limit
Limnichthyidae Sanddivers Limnichthys fasciatus   Tommyfish  
Lobotidae Tripletails Lobotes surinamensis Tripletail southern limit
Lophiidae  Goosefishes Lophiomus setigerus Broadhead Goosefish  
Lutjanidae Coral Snappers, Fusiliers  Lutjanus adetii Hussar southern limit
Lutjanidae   Lutjanus argentimaculatus Mangrove Jack southern limit
Lutjanidae   Lutjanus fulviflamma   Blackspot Snapper Juvenile well south of normal range
Lutjanidae   Lutjanus fulvus Blacktail Snapper southern limit
Lutjanidae   Lutjanus kasmira Bluestripe Seaperch southern limit
Lutjanidae   Lutjanus quinquelineatus Five-line Snapper southern limit
Lutjanidae   Lutjanus russellii Moses' Snapper close to southern limit
Lutjanidae   Paracaesio xanthura False Fusilier  
Lutjanidae   Pterocaesio chrysozona Yellowband Fusilier southern limit
Lutjanidae   Pterocaesio digramma Doubleline Fusilier southern limit
Macrorhamphosidae  Bellowsfishes Macroramphosus gracilis Little Bellowsfish  
Macrorhamphosidae   Macroramphosus scolopax Common Bellowsfish  
Megalopidae  Oxeye Herrings Megalops cyprinoides Oxeye Herring  
Microdesmidae Dartfishes Parioglossus marginalis Blackmargin Dartfish very restricted distribution
  Ptereleotris hanae Thread-tail Dartgoby  southern limit
Microdesmidae   Ptereleotris microlepis Greeneye Dartgoby  southern limit
Mobulidae Manta Rays Manta alfredi Alfred Manta  
Molidae Sunfishes Mola mola Ocean Sunfish  
Monacanthidae Leatherjackets Acanthaluteres spilomelanurus Bridled Leatherjacket close to northern limit
Monacanthidae   Acanthaluteres vittiger Toothbrush Leatherjacket  
Monacanthidae   Aluterus monoceros Unicorn Leatherjacket   southern limit
Monacanthidae   Aluterus scripta Scribbled Leatherjacket southern limit
Monacanthidae   Brachaluteres jacksonianus Southern Pygmy Leatherjacket  
Monacanthidae   Chaetodermis penicilligera Tasselled Leatherjacket southern limit
Monacanthidae    Eubalichthys mosaicus Mosaic Leatherjacket  
Monacanthidae   Meuschenia flavolineata Yellowstriped Leatherjacket  
Monacanthidae   Meuschenia freycineti Six-spine Leatherjacket  
Monacanthidae   Meuschenia scaber Velvet Leatherjacket  
Monacanthidae   Meuschenia trachylepis Yellow-finned Leatherjacket  
Monacanthidae   Meuschenia venusta Stars and Stripes Leatherjacket northern limit
Monacanthidae   Monacanthus chinensis Fan-bellied Leatherjacket  
Monacanthidae   Nelusetta ayraud Ocean Jacket  
Monacanthidae   Paraluteres prionurus Mimic Leatherjacket  
Monacanthidae   Paramonacanthus filicauda Threadfin Leatherjacket  
  Paramonacanthus lowei Lowe's Leatherjacket Often  referred to as P. otisensis
Monacanthidae   Pervagor melanocephalus Blackhead Leatherjacket southern limit
Monacanthidae    Scobinichthys granulatus Rough Leatherjacket  
Monocentrididae Pineapplefishes Cleidopus gloriamaris Pineapplefish  
Monodactylidae Pomfrets Monodactylus argenteus Diamondfish  
Monodactylidae   Schuettea scalaripinnis Eastern Pomfred  
Moridae Morid Cods Lotella rhacina Beardie  
Moridae   Pseudophycis barbata Bearded Rock Cod  
Moridae   Pseudophycis breviuscula Bastard Red Cod  
Mugilidae Mullets  Liza argentea Goldspot Mullet  
Mugilidae   Mugil cephalus  Sea Mullet  
Mugilidae   Myxus elongatus Sand Mullet  
Mugilidae   Valamugil georgii Fantail Mullet  
Mullidae Goatfishes Parupeneus barberinoides Bicolour Goatfish southern limit 
Mullidae   Parupeneus barberinus Dash-dot Goatfish southern limit
Mullidae   Parupeneus ciliatus Diamondscale Goatfish southern limit
Mullidae   Parupeneus spilurus Blacksaddle Goatfish  
Mullidae   Upeneichthys lineatus Bluestriped Goatfish  
Mullidae   Upeneus australiae Australian Goatfish  
Muraenesocidae Pike Eels Muraenesox bagio Common Pike Eel  
Muraenidae Moray Eels Gymnothorax cribroris Sieve-patterned Moray southern limit
Muraenidae   Gymnothorax kidako Kidako Moray From Parsley Bay. Id: E. Böhlke, 1999.
Muraenidae   Gymnothorax minor Lesser Moray  
Muraenidae   Gymnothorax prasinus Green Moray  
Muraenidae   Gymnothorax prionodon Saw-tooth Moray  
Myliobatididae Eagle Rays   Myliobatis australis Southern Eagle Ray  
Narcinidae Numbfishes Narcine tasmaniensis Tasmanian numbfish  
Nemipteridae Threadfin Breams Nemipterus theodorei Theodore's Threadfin-bream southern limit
Nemipteridae   Pentapodus aureofasciatus Yellowstripe Threadfin Bream  
Nemipteridae   Pentapodus paradiseus Paradise Threadfin Bream southern limit
Nemipteridae   Scolopsis bilineata Two-line Monocle Bream southern limit
Nemipteridae   Scolopsis monogramma Rainbow Monocle-bream southern limit
Nomeidae  Driftfishes  Nomeus gronovii Bluebottle-fish  
Nomeidae   Psenes pellucidus Scissortail  
Odontaspididae Sand Tiger Sharks Carcharias taurus Greynurse Shark  
Ophichthidae Snake Eels Malvoliophis pinguis Halfband Snake Eel  
Ophichthidae   Ophisurus serpens Serpent Eel  
Ophichthidae   Scolecenchelys australis Shortfin Worm Eel Oftern referred to as Muraenichthys australis
Opistognathidae Jawfishes Opistognathus jacksoniensis Southern Smiler southern limit
Orectolobidae Wobbegongs Orectolobus halei Banded Carpet Shark  
Orectolobidae   Orectolobus maculatus Spotted Wobbegong  
Ostraciidae Boxfishes Anoplocapros inermis Eastern Smooth Boxfish  
Ostraciidae   Lactoria cornuta Longhorn Cowfish  
Ostraciidae   Lactoria diaphana Roundbelly Cowfish  
Ostraciidae   Lactoria fornasini Thorny-back Cowfish  
  Ostracion cubicus Yellow Boxfish  
Ostraciidae    Tetrosomus reipublicae Turretfish  
Paralichthyidae Sand Flounders Pseudorhombus arsius Largetooth Flounder  
Paralichthyidae   Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus Bigtooth Twin-spot Flounder  
Paralichthyidae   Pseudorhombus jenynsii Smalltooth Flounder  
Paralichthyidae   Pseudorhombus tenuirastrum Slender Flounder  
Pataecidae Red Indian Fish Pataecus fronto Red Indian Fish record based on video clip
Pegasidae Seamoths Eurypegasus draconis Little Dragonfish close to southern limit
Pegasidae   Pegasus volitans Slender Seamoth  
Pempheridae Bullseyes Pempheris affinis Black-tipped Bullseye  
Pempheridae   Pempheris compressa Small-scale Bullseye  
Pempheridae   Pempheris multiradiata Common Bullseye  
Pentacerotidae Boarfishes Paristiopterus labiosus Giant Boarfish  
Pentacerotidae   Zanclistius elevatus Blackspot Boarfish  
Percichthyidae Basses, Cods Macquaria colonorum Estuary Perch  
Percophidae Duckbills Percophidae Duckbill larval specimen
Pinguipedidae Grubfishes Parapercis australis Southern Grubfish  
Pinguipedidae   Parapercis binivirgata Redbanded Grubfish  
Pinguipedidae   Parapercis nebulosa Pink-banded Grubfish southern limit
Pinguipedidae   Parapercis ramsayi Spotted Grubfish  
Pinguipedidae   Parapercis stricticeps Whitestreak Grubfish  
Platycephalidae Flatheads Ambiserrula jugosa Mud Flathead close to southern limit
Platycephalidae   Platycephalus bassensis Sand Flathead  
Platycephalidae   Platycephalus caeruleopunctatus Eastern Blue-spotted Flathead  
Platycephalidae   Platycephalus endrachtensis Northern Sand Flathead  
Platycephalidae   Platycephalus fuscus Dusky Flathead  
Platycephalidae   Platycephalus longispinis Longspine Flathead    
Platycephalidae   Platycephalus marmoratus Marbled Flathead  
Platycephalidae   Platycephalus richardsoni  Tiger Flathead  
Platycephalidae    Thysanophrys cirronasa Tasselsnout Flathead  
Plesiopidae Blue Devils, Hulafishes Paraplesiops bleekeri Eastern Blue Devil  
Plesiopidae   Trachinops taeniatus Eastern Hulafish  
Pleuronectidae Righteye Flounders Ammotretis rostratus Longsnout Flounder  
Plotosidae Eeltail Catfishes Cnidoglanis macrocephalus Estuary Catfish  
Plotosidae   Euristhmus lepturus Longtail Catfish southern limit
Plotosidae   Plotosus lineatus Striped Catfish close to southern limit
Plotosidae   Tandanus tandanus Freshwater Catfish southern limit
Poeciliidae Livebearers Gambusia holbrooki Eastern Gambusia introduced freshwater species
Pomacanthidae Angelfishes Centropyge bispinosa Two-spine Angelfish  
Pomacanthidae   Centropyge flavicauda Whitetail Angelfish  
Pomacanthidae   Centropyge tibicen Keyhole Angelfish  
Pomacanthidae   Chaetodontoplus meredithi Queensland Yellowtail Angelfish  
Pomacanthidae   Genicanthus watanabei Watanabe's Angelfish  
Pomacentridae Damselfishes Abudefduf bengalensis Narrow-Banded Sergeant Major  
Pomacentridae   Abudefduf sexfasciatus Scissortail Sergeant  
Pomacentridae   Abudefduf vaigiensis Indo-Pacific sergeant  
Pomacentridae   Chromis hypsilepis One-spot Puller  
Pomacentridae   Chromis nitida Yellowback Puller  
Pomacentridae   Chrysiptera brownriggii Surge Demoiselle southern limit
Pomacentridae   Chrysiptera notialis Southern Demoiselle  
Pomacentridae   Chrysiptera starcki Starck's Demoiselle southern limit
Pomacentridae   Chrysiptera tricincta Threeband Demoiselle southern limit
Pomacentridae   Dascyllus trimaculatus Three-spot Dascyllus  
Pomacentridae   Mecaenichthys immaculatus Immaculate Damsel  
Pomacentridae   Neopomacentrus azysron Yellowtail Demoiselle  
Pomacentridae   Parma microlepis White-Ear  
Pomacentridae   Parma oligolepis Bigscale Scalyfin southern limit
Pomacentridae   Parma unifasciata Girdled Scalyfin  
Pomacentridae   Pomacentrus australis Australian Damsel  
Pomacentridae   Pomacentrus coelestis Neon Damsel  
Pomacentridae   Pomacentrus wardi Ward's Damsel southern limit
Pomacentridae   Pristotis obtusirostris Gulf Damsel southern limit
Pomacentridae   Stegastes gascoynei Coral Sea Gregory  
Pomatomidae Tailor Pomatomus saltatrix Tailor  
Priacanthidae Bigeyes Priacanthus macracanthus Spotted Bigeye  
Pristidae Sawfishes Pristis zijsron Green Sawfish  
Pristiophoridae Sawsharks Pristiophorus cirratus Common Sawshark  
Pseudomugilidae Blue-eyes Pseudomugil signifer Pacific Blue Eye  
Rachycentridae Black Kingfishes Rachycentron canadum Black Kingfish close to southern limit
Skates Dipturus australis Sydney Skate Often referred to as Raja australis 
Regalecidae Oarfish Regalecus glesne Oarfish  
Retropinnidae Southern Smelts Retropinna semoni Australian Smelt  
Rhinobatidae Shovelnose Rays Aptychotrema rostrata Eastern Shovelnose Ray  
Rhinobatidae   Trygonorrhina fasciata Eastern Fiddler Ray  
Rhynchobatidae Sharkfin Guitarfishes Rhynchobatus australiae Whitespotted Guitarfish Often referred to as
Rhynchobatus djiddensis
Scaridae Parrotfishes Calotomus spinidens Spinytooth Parrotfish tropical species
Scaridae   Leptoscarus vaigiensis Blue-spotted Parrotfish southern limit
Scaridae   Scarus ghobban Blue-barred Parrotfish southern limit
Scatophagidae Scats Scatophagus argus Spotted Scat southern limit
Scatophagidae   Selenotoca multifasciata Striped Scat southern limit
Schindleriidae Infantfishes Schindleria praematura Premature Floater southern limit
Sciaenidae Croakers Argyrosomus japonicus Mulloway  
Sciaenidae   Atractoscion aequidens Teraglin close to southern limit
Scomberesocidae Saury Scomberesox saurus King Gar northern limit
Scombridae Mackerels Auxis rochei Bullet Tuna  
Scombridae   Auxis thazard Frigate Mackerel  
Scombridae   Cybiosarda elegans Leaping Bonito  
Scombridae   Euthynnus affinis Mackerel Tuna  
Scombridae   Katsuwonus pelamis Skipjack Tuna  
Scombridae   Sarda australis Australian Bonito  
Scombridae   Scomber australasicus Blue Mackerel
Scombridae   Scomberomorus commerson Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel  
Scombridae    Scomberomorus queenslandicus School Mackerel near southern limit
Scombridae    Thunnus albacares Yellowfin Tuna  
Scorpaenidae Scorpionfishes Ablabys taenianotus Cockatoo Waspfish  
Scorpaenidae   Dendrochirus brachypterus Dwarf Lionfish southern limit
Scorpaenidae   Dendrochirus zebra Zebra Lionfish southern limit
Scorpaenidae   Notesthes robusta Bullrout  
Scorpaenidae   Pterois antennata Ragged-finned Firefish southern limit
Scorpaenidae   Pterois volitans Common Lionfish  
Scorpaenidae    Scorpaena jacksoniensis  Red Rockcod  
Scorpaenidae   Scorpaena papillosa Southern Red Scorpionfish northern limit
Scorpaenidae   Scorpaenodes evides Cheekspot Scorpionfish  
Scorpaenidae   Scorpaenodes scaber Pygmy Scorpionfish  
Scorpaenidae   Scorpaenopsis insperatus Sydney Scorpionfish Only known from Sydney Harbour - described in 2004 by
Scorpaenidae   Scorpaenopsis neglecta Yellowfin Scorpionfish Photograph only.  Id by H. Motomura, 2011.
Scorpaenidae   Taenianotus triacanthus Leaf Scorpionfish southern limit
Scyliorhinidae Catsharks Asymbolus analis Grey Spotted Catshark  
Sebastidae   Sebastiscus marmoratus False Kelpfish In Australia known only from Sydney Harbour
Serranidae Rockcods, Seaperches Acanthistius ocellatus Eastern Wirrah
Serranidae   Acanthistius paxtoni Orangelined Wirrah  
Serranidae   Caesioperca lepidoptera Butterfly Perch northern limit
Serranidae   Caprodon longimanus Longfin Perch  
Serranidae   Diploprion bifasciatum Barred Soapfish close to southern limit
Serranidae   Epinephelus cyanopodus Purple Rockcod southern limit
Serranidae   Epinephelus daemelii Black Rockcod  
Serranidae   Epinephelus ergastularius Banded Rockcod  
Serranidae   Epinephelus undulatostriatus Maori Rockcod  
Serranidae   Hypoplectrodes annulatus Blackbanded Seaperch  
Serranidae   Hypoplectrodes jamesoni (external link) Jameson's Seaperch southern limit
Serranidae   Hypoplectrodes maccullochi Halfbanded Seaperch  
Serranidae   Hypoplectrodes nigroruber Banded Seaperch  
Serranidae   Trachypoma macracanthus Pacific Rockcod  
Serranidae   Variola louti Yellowedge Lyretail southern limit
Siganidae Spinefoot, happy moments Siganus fuscescens Black Spinefoot  
Sillaginidae Whitings Sillago ciliata Sand Whiting  
Sillaginidae   Sillago flindersi Eastern School Whiting  
Sillaginidae   Sillago maculata Trumpeter Whiting  
Sillaginidae   Sillago robusta Stout Whiting  
Soleidae  Soles Aseraggodes nigrocirratus southern limit  
Soleidae   Brachirus nigra Black Sole  
Soleidae   Pardachirus hedleyi Southern Peacock Sole  
Soleidae   Soleichthys microcephalus Small-head Sole southern limit
Soleidae   Synclidopus macleayanus Narrowbanded Sole southern limit
Soleidae   Zebrias quagga Zebra Sole southern limit
Soleidae   Zebrias scalaris Manyband Sole  
Solenostomidae Ghost Pipefishes Solenostomus cyanopterus Robust Ghost Pipefish southern limit
Solenostomidae   Solenostomus paradoxus Ornate Ghostpipefish  
Sparidae Snapper, Breams Acanthopagrus australis Yellowfin Bream  
 Sparidae   Dentex spariformis Yellowback Bream  
 Sparidae   Pagrus auratus  Snapper  
 Sparidae   Rhabdosargus sarba Tarwhine  
Sphyraenidae Barracudas  Sphyraena obtusata Yellowtail Barracuda   close to southern limit
Sphyraenidae   Sphyraena waitii Waite's Seapike taxonomy uncertain
Sphyrnidae Hammerhead Sharks Sphyrna lewini Scalloped Hammerhead  
Sphyrnidae   Sphyrna zygaena Smooth Hammerhead  
Squalidae Dogfishes Squalus megalops Spikey Dogfish  
Squatinidae Angel sharks Squatina australis Australian Angelshark  
Stegostomatidae Zebra Sharks Stegostoma fasciatum Zebra Shark The Spit, Middle Harbour, 1947
Syngnathidae Pipefishes, Seahorses Festucalex cinctus Girdled Pipefish southern limit
Syngnathidae   Filicampus tigris Tiger Pipefish  
Syngnathidae   Heraldia nocturna Upside Down Pipefish  
Syngnathidae   Hippocampus abdominalis Bigbelly Seahorse  
Syngnathidae   Hippocampus whitei White's Seahorse  
Syngnathidae   Histiogamphelus briggsii Crested Pipefish  
Syngnathidae   Lissocampus runa Javelin Pipefish  
Syngnathidae   Maroubra perserrata   Sawtooth Pipefish    
Syngnathidae   Notiocampus ruber Red Pipefish northern limit
Syngnathidae   Phyllopteryx taeniolatus Common (Weedy) Seadragon  
Syngnathidae   Solegnathus spinosissimus Spiny Pipehorse  
Syngnathidae   Stigmatopora argus Spotted Pipefish  
Syngnathidae   Stigmatopora nigra Widebody Pipefish  
Syngnathidae   Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus Bentstick Pipefish close to southern limit
Syngnathidae   Urocampus carinirostris Hairy Pipefish  
Syngnathidae   Vanacampus margaritifer Mother-of-Pearl Pipefish  
Synodontidae Lizardfishes and Sauries Saurida nebulosa Clouded Saury southern limit
Synodontidae   Saurida tumbil Common Saury  
Synodontidae   Saurida undosquamis Largescale Saury southern limit on east coast
Synodontidae   Synodus variegatus Variegated Lizardfish southern limit
Synodontidae   Trachinocephalus myops Painted Grinner  
Terapontidae Trumpeters Pelates sexlineatus Eastern Striped Trumpeter  
Terapontidae   Terapon jarbua Crescent Perch  
Tetraodontidae  Pufferfishes Arothron firmamentum Starry Toadfish  
Tetraodontidae   Arothron hispidus Stars and Stripes Toadfish southern limit
Tetraodontidae   Arothron nigropunctatus Blackspotted Puffer  
Tetraodontidae   Arothron stellatus Starry Pufferfish southern limit
Tetraodontidae   Canthigaster callisterna Clown Toby  
Tetraodontidae   Canthigaster coronata Crowned Puffer  
Tetraodontidae   Canthigaster valentini Blacksaddle Toby  
Tetraodontidae   Lagocephalus inermis Smooth Golden Pufferfish  
Tetraodontidae   Lagocephalus sceleratus Silver Toadfish  
Tetraodontidae   Lagocephalus spadiceus Brownback Toadfish known from a single record
Tetraodontidae   Reicheltia halsteadi Halstead's Toadfish  
Tetraodontidae   Tetractenos glaber  Smooth Toadfish  
Tetraodontidae   Tetractenos hamiltoni Common Toadfish  
Tetraodontidae   Torquigener altipinnis Highfin Toadfish  
Tetraodontidae   Torquigener perlevis Spineless Toadfish close to southern limit
Tetraodontidae   Torquigener pleurogramma Weeping Toadfish  
Tetraodontidae   Torquigener squamicauda Scalytail Toadfish close to southern limit
Tetrarogidae   Centropogon australis Fortescue  
Tetrarogidae   Glyptauchen panduratus Goblinfish northern limit
Trachichthyidae Roughies Optivus agastos Violet Roughy  
Trachichthyidae   Trachichthys australis  Southern Roughy  
Trachipteridae Ribbonfishes Trachipterus jacksonensis Southern Ribbonfish  
Triakidae Hound Sharks Galeorhinus galeus School Shark  
Triakidae   Mustelus antarcticus Gummy Shark  
Trichiuridae Cutlassfishes Lepidopus caudatus Frostfish  
Trichiuridae   Trichiurus lepturus Largehead Hairtail  
Triglidae Gurnards Chelidonichthys kumu Red Gurnard  
Triglidae   Lepidotrigla argus Eye Gurnard close to southern limit
Triglidae   Lepidotrigla mulhalli Roundsnout Gurnard  

  Lepidotrigla papilio Spiny Gurnard  
Triglidae   Lepidotrigla umbrosa  Blackspot Gurnard  southern limit
Triglidae   Pterygotrigla polyommata Latchet  
Tripterygiidae Triplefins Brachynectes fasciatus Barred Threefin identification uncertain
Tripterygiidae   Ceratobregma helenae Orangebar Threefin Tropical species. One lot only from Sydney Harbour
Tripterygiidae   Enneapterygius atrogulare Ring-scale Triplefin  
Tripterygiidae   Enneapterygius larsonae Black-head Threefin Tropical species. One lot from Sydney Harbour.
Tripterygiidae   Enneapterygius mirabilis Miracle Threefin Tropical species. One from Sydney Harbour. Not included in species count.
Tripterygiidae   Lepidoblennius haplodactylus Eastern Jumping Blenny  
Tripterygiidae   Trinorfolkia clarkei Common Threefin  
Uranoscopidae  Stargazers Ichthyscopus barbatus  Fringed Stargazer  
Uranoscopidae    Kathetostoma laeve  Eastern Stargazer  
Urolophidae  Stingarees Trygonoptera testacea Common Stingaree  
Urolophidae   Urolophus bucculentus Sandyback Stingaree  
Urolophidae   Urolophus kapalensis Kapala Stingaree  
Urolophidae   Urolophus viridis 
Greenback Stingaree  
Zanclidae Moorish Idol Zanclus cornutus Moorish Idol southern limit
Zeidae Dories Zeus faber John Dory  


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