Image Gallery: Fish Fieldwork - FNQ, 1993

In Jan - Feb, 1993, staff from the Australian Museum (S. Keable, J. Leis, M. McGrouther, S. Reader and T. Trnski), Northern Territory Museum (H. Larson) and the Field Museum Chicago, (M. Hale and M. Westneat) joined forces to survey a huge and remote area of the northern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland and the northern Coral Sea. This area north of Raine Island had not previously been systematically collected for museum collections. Eleven people spent three weeks aboard the MV NJoy, resulting in excellent collections of fishes from numerous locations.

Highlights of the trip include collecting representatives of three undescribed species and about twenty species not previously recorded from Australia. All the fishes now reside in the collections of all three institutions and are in use by ichthyologists all over the world in their research.