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In the Minerals gallery you can immerse yourself in the spectacular world of crystallised minerals.

Much of the collection – renowned for its diversity, perfection and sheer beauty – was built over many years by the mineral enthusiast, Albert Chapman, who sourced specimens from all over the world.

These minerals are beautiful, but they also provide a unique insight into Australia’s cultural heritage. Over half the collection is from Australian mines, encompassing the full history of mining in Australia from the 1840s onwards.

Besides marvelling at the beauty of these minerals, you can learn how important they are for modern life. See what minerals are inside your watch or mobile phone, and learn what goes into toothpaste, lipstick or talcum powder.

Perhaps you will be inspired to start your own collection!

Things to do

See Australian minerals up close

Half of the collection is Australian, with one quarter from Broken Hill, NSW. Many of these outstanding specimens are the best ever to be found in this famous district.

Take the time to view priceless minerals and gems ‘up close and personal’.

European, African and American specimens

Examine beautiful classic minerals from old European, African and American localities and specimens from famous collections and with interesting pedigrees – some passed from one institution to another for over 100 years.

Be inspired

Start your own collection and learn how addictive it is to study the beauty and geological value of mineral crystals.

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