Dasyatidae - Stingrays

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Porcupine Ray off Cairns

Porcupine Ray off Cairns
Photographer: Blair Carter © Blair Carter

Dasyatis brevicaudata Smooth Stingray
Dasyatis fluviorum Estuary Stingray
Dasyatis thetidis Black Stingray
Himantura fai Pink Whipray
Himantura leoparda Leopard Whipray
Himantura uarnak Reticulate Whipray
Neotrygon kuhlii Blue-spotted Stingray
Pastinachus ater Cowtail Stingray
Taeniura lymma Bluespotted Fantail Ray
Taeniura meyeni Blotched Fantail Ray
Urogymnus asperrimus Porcupine Ray

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