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Put Australia's dangerous animals in the palm of your hand...

DangerOz - Browse

DangerOz - Browse
Photographer: Jen Cork © Australian Museum

DangerOz, a app about dangerous Australian creatures. The app is no longer available for download.

DangerOz App

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With photos and facts on forty different animals, as well as a geo-location feature that tells you which of these animals might be nearby, DangerOz is a must-have application for anyone that goes outdoors (or stays indoors).

The App is a quick and convenient way to find out what might be lurking nearby and what threat, if any, it poses.

Touch a screen before you touch a creature!


  • Learn about dangerous animals near your GPS location
  • Search Danger Types from 'Don’t eat me!' through to 'Has caused death'
  • Get quick facts and more on spiders, sharks, insects and even birds!

Michael Hugill , Online Producer (Content Strategy & Social Media)
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