Clinidae - Weedfishes

Use the table to access images and fact sheets of the clinid fishes on the site. The family includes the snake blennies and weedfishes.

Yellow Crested Weedfish, Cristiceps aurantiacus

Yellow Crested Weedfish, Cristiceps aurantiacus
Photographer: Melissa Fiene  © Melissa Fiene

Cristiceps argyropleura Silverside Weedfish
Cristiceps aurantiacus Yellow Crested Weedfish
Cristiceps australis Crested Weedfish
Heteroclinus perspicillatus Common Weedfish
Heteroclinus roseus Rosy Weedfish
Heteroclinus whiteleggii Banded Weedfish
Ophiclinus gracilis Blackback Snake Blenny
Ophiclinus ningulus Variable Snake Blenny
Sticharium clarkae Clark's Snake Blenny
Sticharium dorsale Slender Snake Blenny

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