Guest Contributors: live and coming soon

  • Angela Tiatia
  • I am keenly aware of our interconnection with the changing landscapes of nature and how these are collapsing and deranging through climate change as well as direct actions by people in their quest for economy over environment. My practice is embedded in an aesthetics of care and I have an empathetic connection to animals and plants, both on the earth and within the aquatic world. Through my images, I try to acquaint others with this intimate view and incite an urgency to reconnect with the elemental aspects of nature. Everything I make is dependent upon decades of research, which helps me construct poetic encounters with biophilia that reflect on science, wonder, and environmental loss.

Share your images, see what others are capturing and how we are responding. These images chart impacts as well as solutions. They are striking and often beautiful but reveal a planet in peril.

Whether it is drought and fire-scarred homes, tropical animals in once-cool waters, farmers installing wind turbines, protestors marching or kids planting trees – these are the new landscapes we are living in and caring for.

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