A distinguished panel explore the cultural significance and museum acquisition of Asaro Mud Men Masks.

On 26 September 2016, a panel featuring members of the Komunive community (Asaro valley, Eastern Highlands, Goroka), documentary filmmaker Ms Klinit Barry and pacific specialist and Asaro Project Manager, Yvonne Carrillo-Huffman came together in front of a live audience in the Hallstrom theatre.

This conversation provides a rare opportunity to explore the team’s field and travelling experiences of this major collaborative cultural project between the Australian Museum, the Komunive community, filmmakers from the University of Goroka, and the J.F.K McCarthy Museum (Goroka), commissioning a new collection of Holosa masks and filming the acquisition process.

"The whole idea of bringing the community here is to have that close engagement with the Australian public. …it seems like there is a collective amnesia about who we are as a nation in the 21st century, who our neighbours are, and how close we are to Papua New Guinea." Yvonne Carillo, Senior Collections Officer, Pacific Collections at the Australian Museum.