A diverse group, birds exhibit a range of adaptations for all environments and a variety of lifestyles. They can fly, walk, run, swim and dive and occupy the air, oceans, freshwater, seashores, rainforests, deserts and polar regions.


Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates with feathers. This easily distinguishes them from all other living animals.

Evolution of birds

Are birds really dinosaurs? Find out more about their fossil history and evolution.

Australian birds

Learn more about the wide variety of birds found in Australia and find out more about the Birds in Backyards program run by the Australian Museum and Birds Australia.

Birds in the Australian Museum Collection

The Australian Museum has one of the largest ornithological collections in the Southern Hemisphere. It contains a large variety of bird skins, mounts, skeletons, eggs, nests, spirit specimens and tissue samples, representing approximately 95% of the world's bird families.