Acanthuridae - Surgeonfishes

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Juvenile Blue Tang at Osprey Reef

Juvenile Blue Tang at Osprey Reef
Photographer: Erik Schlögl © Erik Schlögl

The family contains the bristletooths, surgeonfishes, tangs and unicornfishes.

Acanthurus blochii Dark Surgeon
Acanthurus dussumieri Eyestripe Surgeonfish
Acanthurus guttatus Whitespotted Surgeonfish
Acanthurus lineatus Striped Surgeonfish
Acanthurus mata Pale Surgeonfish
Acanthurus nigrofuscus Brown Surgeonfish
Acanthurus olivaceus Orangebloch Surgeonfish
Acanthurus pyroferus Mimic Surgeonfish
Acanthurus triostegus Convict Surgeonfish
Ctenochaetus binotatus Two-spot Bristletooth
Ctenochaetus striatus Lined Bristletooth
Naso annulatus Ringtail Unicornfish
Naso hexacanthus Sleek Unicornfish
Naso maculatus Scribbled Unicornfish
Naso tonganus Humpnose Unicornfish
Naso unicornis Bluespine Unicornfish
Paracanthurus hepatus Blue Tang
Prionurus maculatus Spotted Sawtail
Prionurus microlepidotus Australian Sawtail
Zebrasoma scopas Brown Tang
Zebrasoma veliferum Sailfin Tang

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