2016 Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize (Finalists and Highly Commended)

Watch the 2016 Primary and Secondary student films, including finalists and highly commended.

The University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize is awarded for a short film that communicates a scientific concept in an accessible and engaging way.


Primary School Category

Seeing Red Rosanna Cartwright and Elli Rugg, Year 5, Santa Sabina College, NSW
Seeing Red tests the theory that wearing red might give a competitive edge. In the film Rosanna and Elli explain how the eyes and brain work together to see colour and take to their local swiming pool with red-lenses goggles to test out their hypothesis.

The Bluebottle and the Glaucus Hayden Ingle, Year 6, Banksmeadow Public School, NSW
Hayden was inspired to create his film after discovering a glaucus atlanticus on the beach, and wondering what it was and what it ate. In The Bluebottle and the Glaucus, Hayden uses some of his own underwater footage to share his love and experience of the ocean with the viewer.

Secondary School Category

No Place For Race Tom Downie and Harry Bebbington, Year 11, Warrandyte High School, Vic
In No Place for Race, Tom and Harry explore how and where our ape-like ancestors developed into one species - Homo sapiens - through creation myths, fossils, dating methods, evolution and the migration of hominids. They also explain why the concept of race is irrelevant.

Owl Pellets: A Postal System to Scientists Claire Galvin and Anna Hardy, Year 10, St Monica's College Cairns, Qld
Owl Pellets: A Postal System to Scientists is an investigation of the Barn Owl's adaptations, features and the formation of owl pellets. Claire and Anna explain how these owl pellets are used by scientists to gather data for conservation efforts, animal population studies and ecosystem monitoring.

Sniffles Meg Paterson, Year 9, The Scots School Albury, NSW
Taking inspiration from the old wives' tale 'You'll catch your death of cold', Meg's film Sniffles, explains why we have created such a strong association with catching a cold, and being cold.

Highly Commended

Primary School Category

Snap, Crack, Pop! Alyssa Buda and Chloe Walker, PLC Sydney, NSW

Chomp! Understanding the Bite Force Griffin and Jasper Chong, St Peter's Lutheran College, Qld

Does Colour Affect Heat Absorption Alexia Gulli, St Mark's Primary School Drummoyne, NSW

Clean, Clean Chlorine Amelie Haigh and Caitlyn Walker, PLC Sydney, NSW

Shrink Magic Sienna Haigh and Sophia Udechuku, PLC Sydney, NSW

Mosquitos Don't Bite Hannah Schmidt, St Andrew's Catholic Primary School, Ferny Grove, Qld

What Happens to 3D Printed Plastic Toby Trenwith, Virginia Primary School, SA

Secondary School Category

Tasty Science Sam Biggs, Pittwater House, NSW

A Billion Shades of Grey Maggie Grigg and Charlotte Thelander, Fairholme College Toowoomba, Qld

Life in the Milky Way Sean Kelly and Sierra Danon, Glen Eira College, Vic

Gyroscopes and Angular Momentum Joseph Moynihan, St Augustine's College, Qld

Synaesthesia Mia Pope, Fintona Girls' School, Vic

The Secret Life of Electrons Georgina Ryan, Betty Zhang and Belle Barnett, Methodist Ladies' College, Vic

Memory Sarah Yeung, Katrina Leung and Seona Kim, Strathfield Girls High School, NSW

Finalists' statements are based on information provided by the entrants.

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