Yiloga! Tiwi Footy - Stages 4-5 Teacher Notes

This self-guided program provides an opportunity for students to explore an Indigenous cultural event that has been influenced by non-Indigenous culture. It also provides the opportunity for students to learn about the distinct Tiwi community and their traditional culture through items from the Australian Museum’s collections.


Before your visit

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Yiloga Tiwi Footy is a program designed for New South Wales Board of Studies Stages 4-5 students studying the following courses:

  • History
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Visual Arts
Pre-visit activities

To make the most of your visit to the exhibition we recommend that you prepare your students beforehand by:

  • introducing concepts related to Indigenous culture. For example – contemporary Indigenous communities have retained many of their traditional beliefs and customs but have also changed to suit their needs.
  • introducing or revising relevant terminology used in the Yiloga Tiwi Footy student activity sheets including cultural events and celebrations. The students could list cultural events from their community for example birthdays, Christmas, Rugby League games, concerts etc.
  • providing a context for the excursion to the Museum including the reasons for visiting the Museum, the tasks to be completed and the expected outcomes.

Please photocopy the following materials for each student:

The following materials should be photocopied for each supervising adult:

At the Australian Museum

On-site activities 

The self-guided activities are based on displays in the Australian Museum’s Yiloga! Tiwi Footy exhibition located on Level 2 of the Museum.

The activities enable students to explore concepts related to the life of the Tiwi Islanders, Indigenous culture and celebrations while surrounded by a rich array of photographs and items from our collections.

Ms Helen Wheeler , Learning Services Operations Manager
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