Wildlife Forensics

We provide a full spectrum of forensic protocols, including chain of custody through to court statement preparation and expert witnesses.

Dr Rebecca Johnson & Dr Greta Frankham – Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics

Dr Rebecca Johnson & Dr Greta Frankham – Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics
Photographer: Ian Bird/James Morgan © Australian Museum

Our Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics is one of the only wildlife forensics facilities in Australia to be NATA (ISO/IEC 17025) accredited. Our forensic scope covers the following laboratory protocols:

  • Genomic DNA Extraction
  • PCR for species identification (including PCR cleanup)
  • PCR for individual identification (including PCR cleanup)
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis
  • DNA sequencing
  • DNA sequencing analysis
  • DNA genotype analysis (individualisation/paternity)
  • DNA-based gender testing
  • Morphological identification of species (terrestrial vertebrate, terrestrial invertebrate, marine vertebrate, marine invertebrate)
  • Tissue subsampling
  • Tissue banking

We have experience in obtaining DNA from a range of biological samples including, tissue, bone, desiccated skin, feathers, traditional Chinese medicine and ivory. Some of our previous clients include:

  • Australian Fisheries Management Authority
  • DAFF (Australian Customs and Quarantine)
  • Department of the Environment (Australian federal government)
  • Office of Environment and Heritage - (NSW government)
  • State Departments of Primary Industries
  • Consulting companies
  • Zoo and Aquarium Association member organisations
  • State Police agencies
  • New Zealand Biosecurity

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Accredited for compliance with (ISO/IEC 17025) interpreted for research using CITAC Guide CG2 “Quality Assurance for Research and Non Routine Analysis” (1998)

Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics
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