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We hold permanent Museum records kept because they are valuable for legal, administrative or historical research.

Widows in Mourning, Uiaku, Collingwood Bay, PNG

Widows in Mourning, Uiaku, Collingwood Bay, PNG
Photographer: Percy J Money © Courtesy of the Australian Museum

The earliest records include the Minutes of the Committee of Superintendence from June 1836 and Outward Letters books from 1837.

Other unique records held include manuscript and printed material, letters, minute books, financial ledgers, field diaries, research notes, administrative and exhibition files, photographs, maps, plans, drawings and illustrations, newscuttings, audio-visual material and historical museum artefacts.

In addition to the Museum's own institutional records, the Archives also holds some acquired papers and photographic collections from people who have been associated with the Museum or who have worked in closely related fields.

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