What will you do about climate change?

Have your say about how you will commit to changing your lifestyle. Read what others are willing to do.

Dr Buz (George) Wilson

Dr Buz (George) Wilson
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has'

Margaret Mead, American anthropologist

Catherine Cooper - Exhibition Project Coordinator

'I bought a second hand bike so I could ride to work every day and have cut down the amount of meat my family eats.'

Dr Buz Wilson - Principal Research Scientist

'The windows in my house are being replaced with energy-efficient ones, cutting the amount of energy required for heating and cooling.'

Clare Dorey - Teacher

'I try to show my students practical and simple ways we can all lessen our environmental impact and encourage them to reuse, recycle and reduce.'

Samantha Findlay - Student

'My family uses shower water savers and I grow my own herbs.'

Taylor Stacey - Student

'We reduced our energy use at home by installing fans instead of air-con, insulating our house, and using the clothesline instead of a dryer.'

Isobel Lindley - Greenpeace

'I contacted my local MP and told him I want Australia to embrace renewable energy.'


Catherine Cooper and Fran Dorey
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