What is the value of the Australian Museum's collections?

The Australian Museum collections are a valuable information resource for the whole community.

Scientists, researchers, academics, students, indigenous communities and individuals from Australia and other countries use this resource to enhance their knowledge. Much of the information gained by accessing this resource is published in scientific papers. The information is then available to a wide audience.

Indigenous communities use the cultural objects in the collections to maintain, develop and share their cultural identity and knowledge. The continued use of these cultural objects provides vital links with important aspecs of their culture

The Australian Museum collections have been accumulated over the last 175 years on the basis of their scientific and cultural value. The value of the collections lies in their contribution to scientific understanding, cultural identity, environmental management and conservation, encouraging sustainable development, education, interpretation, public enjoyment and inspiration. As such, they are largely irreplaceable - and priceless.

Brooke Carson-Ewart , Web Manager
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