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    3, 4 & 24 Sept, 10am & 3pm
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    Natural science collections
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Mammalogy Collection Area 2018

Mammalogy Collection with Collection Manager Sandy Ingleby.

Image: Abram Powell
© Australian Museum

Mammalogy with Dr Sandy Ingleby

Tuesday 3 September at 10am & 3pm (45mins)

The AM Mammalogy collection is one of the most comprehensive collections of Australian and Pacific mammals in the world, with the largest collection of mammal Type specimens in Australia. The overall collection size is estimated at 53,000 specimens and 15,000 tissues representing 1,220 and 445 species respectively, of which 99.9 percent is digitised. The collection is home to 882 Type specimens representing 210 proposed names.

The collection contains specimens of most Australian and New Guinea monotreme and marsupial species as well as extensive rodent, bat and marine mammal collections from the region. There are also mammal specimens from 22 recently extinct species and several species now extinct in NSW.

Ichthyology Collection Area 2018

The Ichthyology Collection with Collection Manager Amanda Hay.

Image: Abram Powell
© Australian Museum

Ichthyology (Fish) with Amanda Hay

Wednesday 4 September at 10am & 3pm (60mins)

The AM Ichthyology collection consists of both adult and larval fish specimens. It is one of the largest collection in the Southern Hemisphere and the fourth largest collection of Primary Type species in the world. The overall size of the collection is estimated to be approximately 194,086 lots made up of 650,000 adult and 1,000,000 larvae specimens. The collection, of which 100 percent has been digitised, also consists of 2,500 Type specimens dating back to the 1800s, upon which the original scientific description of the relevant species was based.

MalacologyCollection Area 2018

A tray of specimens in the Malacology Collection area with Collection Manager Mandy Reid.

Image: Abram Powell
© Australian Museum

Marine Invertebrates & Malacology with Dr Steve Keable & Dr Mandy Reid

Tuesday 24 September at 10am & 3pm (60mins)

The AM Malacology collection is the largest of its kind in Australia, encompassing marine, freshwater and terrestrial molluscs. The overall size of the collection includes 910,369 specimen ‘lots’ (an estimated 11 million individual specimens), and includes 46,025 Type lots (the most important specimens upon which an official description of a species is based).

The Marine Invertebrates collection of preserved specimens includes over twenty major groups of animals including sponges, jellyfish, corals, worms, sea stars, crabs and lobsters. The collection includes over 13,000 type samples and represents one of the oldest, largest, most diverse and best-studied assemblages of Australasian and Indo-Pacific specimens. Approximately 46% of this collection, including many images, has been catalogued by staff and volunteers into the Museum’s digital database. This task is ongoing as the collection continues to grow.

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