In our new 208-page book, Feathers of the Gods and Other Stories from the Australian Museum, scientists, collection managers, coordinators, conservators, archivists and volunteers share their favourite tales inspired by our collections.

The cast of intriguing characters includes a gentleman collector forced to eat the rare marsupial specimens he has captured, a thief disappointed by his haul of fake diamonds, an early explorer presented with a pile of Hawaiian capes, a geneticist analysing fragments of feathers to improve aviation safety, and a collections coordinator reaching out to marginalised youth.

Featuring exquisite never-before-seen photographs of staff and collections behind the scenes, Feathers of the Gods reveals the people, past and present, who have been the lifeblood of Australia’s first museum. The book’s dust jacket also doubles as a pull-out poster featuring images of all the stories.

Price: $50
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Feathers of the Gods is a local production: conceived, created and printed in Australia. The book was produced using carbon-neutral processes on an Australian-made FSC Mix Certified paper that contains 50% recycled content and 50% elemental chlorine-free pulp from well-managed forests and controlled sources. The book uses alcohol-free, vegetable-based inks made from renewable sources and is Certified Carbon Neutral by the Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). The book’s protective envelope is also recyclable and biodegradable.