Theon the Tarbosaurus

Meet Theon, one of 8 members of our Tyrannosaurs exhibition family.

Theon the Tarbosaurus

Theon the Tarbosaurus
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

With a name meaning ‘alarming lizard’, Theon the Tarbosaurus is not afraid of anyone. While he has the tiniest arms of all dinosaurs, Theon has never let that disadvantage him. In fact he likes to point out at every opportunity that compared to his relative Scotty the T. rex, he has a longer, slender skull, and many more teeth.

Originally from Central Asia, Theon relies on his mouth as his biggest asset. He's a funny, confident know-it-all, always ready to snap at his friends with a witty comment. As a result, he rules over the dinosaurs in China and Mongolia, just as Scotty rules those in North America.

Despite his reign over Central Asia though, Theon’s family never let his power go to his head, always ready to tease him with mean nicknames like ‘air-head’ due to his hollow bones.

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Fast facts about Theon

  • His name means ‘alarming lizard’
  • Smallest arms of all dinosaurs
  • Compared to the T. rex he has a longer, more slender skull, and many more teeth
  • Lived in Central Asia (Mongolia and China)
  • Had hollow bones
  • King of Asia while T. rex roamed North America

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