Syngnathidae - Pipefishes and Seahorses

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Tiger Pipefish, Filicampus tigris

Tiger Pipefish, Filicampus tigris
Photographer: Grey McNeil © Grey McNeil

Acentronura breviperula Shortpouch Pygmy Pipehorse
Campichthys tyroni Tryon's Pipefish
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus Reticulate Pipefish
Corythoichthys intestinalis Messmate Pipefish
Corythoichthys ocellatus Ocellate Pipefish
Corythoichthys schultzi Schultz's Pipefish
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus Banded Pipefish
Festucalex cinctus Girdled Pipefish
Filicampus tigris  Tiger Pipefish 
Halicampus brocki Tasselled Pipefish
Halicampus macrorhynchus  Whiskered Pipefish
Haliichthys taeniophorus Ribboned Seadragon
Heraldia nocturna Upside-down Pipefish
Hippocampus abdominalis Bigbelly Seahorse
Hippocampus bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse
Hippocampus breviceps Shorthead Seahorse
Hippocampus colemani Coleman's Pygmy Seahorse
Hippocampus denise Denise's Pygmy Seahorse
Hippocampus histrix Thorny Seahorse
Hippocampus jugumus Collar Seahorse
Hippocampus montebelloensis Monte Bello Seahorse
Hippocampus planifrons Flatface Seahorse
Hippocampus procerus Highcrown Seahorse
Hippocampus severnsi Severn's Seahorse
Hippocampus subelongatus West Australian Seahorse
Hippocampus taeniopterus Common Seahorse
Hippocampus tristis Sad Seahorse
Hippocampus whitei White's Seahorse
Hippocampus zebra Zebra Seahorse
Histiogamphelus briggsii Crested Pipefish
Histiogamphelus cristatus Rhino Pipefish
Idiotropiscis australe Southern Pygmy Pipehorse
Idiotropiscis lumnitzeri Sydney's Pygmy Pipehorse
Leptoichthys fistularius Brushtail Pipefish
Lissocampus runa Javelin Pipefish
Maroubra perserrata Sawtooth Pipefish
Microphis brachyurus Short-tail Pipefish
Phycodurus eques Leafy Seadragon
Phyllopteryx taeniolatus Common (Weedy) Seadragon
Siokunichthys breviceps Softcoral Pipefish
Siokunichthys nigrolineatus Mushroom-coral Pipefish
Solegnathus dunckeri Duncker's Pipehorse
Solegnathus spinosissimus Spiny Pipehorse
Stigmatopora argus Spotted Pipefish
Stigmatopora narinosa Southern Gulf Pipefish
Stigmatopora nigra Widebody Pipefish
Stipecampus cristatus Ringback Pipefish
Syngnathoides biaculeatus Double-end Pipehorse
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus Bentstick Pipefish
Vanacampus margaritifer Mother-of-Pearl Pipefish
Vanacampus vercoi Verco's Pipefish


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