The Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation acknowledges and appreciates the financial support provided its various donor groups and Patrons. 

They include the major supporters of the 30th Anniversary Development Project, supporters of Fellowships and Grants Program,  Life Members who have each given or pledged $100,000 or more, Members who give $1,000 or more each year, and Friends who donate other amounts. If it were not for our donor support, LIRS could not continue to operate. 

Why does coral reef research need support?

Supporters of the Lizard Island Fellowships and Grants Program

  • Members of the Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation
  • The Ian Potter Foundation
  • Hermon Slade Raiatea Foundation
  • Estate of the late Sir John and Lady Proud
  • Yulgilbar Foundation
  • Teakle Foundation

Find out more about the Lizard Island Fellowships Program


Our Patrons are people and organisations who have provided outstanding support to Lizard Island research over the years and who we continue to call upon for occasional wise counsel.

  • Andrew Green
  • Des Griffin AM
  • Trevor Haworth AM (deceased 2014)
  • Raymond Kirby AO
  • Jacqueline Loomis
  • The Ian Potter Foundation
  • Robert Purves AM
  • Frank Talbot AM
  • Thyne Reid Foundation

Life Members

  • Peter Teakle
  • Ken Coles AM and Rowena Danziger AM
  • Susan Maple-Brown AM
  • Vivian and Wendy King
  • Paul and Lucie Slade
  • Michael and Catherine Batten
  • Jim and Nancy Bildner


Listed below are Members who made donations during the 2013 Financial Year. We also appreciate the support of those Members who have asked to remain anonymous, those who have provided support in previous years and those who have become Members or renewed their support in the current year. 

Donate and become a Member now

  • Mrs. Antionette Albert
  • Apollo Sports Company
  • Philip Bacon AM
  • The Balnaves Foundation
  • Greer and Jay Banyer
  • Ken & Roddy Bell
  • Peter and Penny Berents
  • Colin and Shannon Bernasconi
  • S.L. Bray Memorial Foundation
  • John Charrington and Pamela McBride
  • Ken Coles AM and Rowena Danziger AM
  • Robert and Margaret Coles
  • Mrs Shirley Coles
  • John and Chris Collingwood
  • Coral Reef and Marine Science Foundation
  • Delaware North Australia Parks and Resorts
  • Sarah Dorahy and Geoffrey Crouse
  • Michael Fordham and Georgie Haysom
  • Don Fry AO and Susan Fry
  • Belinda Gibson
  • John and Margie Goodall
  • Andrew Green and Colette Garnsey OAM
  • Geoff and Elisabeth Haddy
  • Ken and Debby Hambrecht
  • Mike and Louise Hamshere
  • Hanlon Foundation
  • Barbara R. Hardy AO
  • Chestnut Tree Foundation, Hartog family
  • Bill and Alison Hayward
  • Trevor Haworth AM (deceased) and Geraldine Haworth
  • Jane Hemstritch
  • Hermon Slade Raiatea Foundation
  • Greg and Gina Hooper
  • Fraser Hopkins
  • Hungerford Hill Wines Pty. Ltd.
  • The Ian Potter Foundation
  • The James N. Kirby Foundation
  • The John Villiers Trust
  • Elizabeth and Robert Johnson
  • Chris and Katy Joscelyne
  • Vivian and Wendy King
  • James Kirby and Claire Wivell Plater
  • Raymond Kirby AO and Deidre Kirby
  • Mrs. Judy Lee
  • Mrs. Juliet Lockhart
  • Diccon and Elizabeth Loxton
  • Rod and Margaret MacDonald
  • Macquarie Group Foundation
  • Madden Sainsbury Foundation
  • Maple-Brown Family Charitable Foundation
  • Gordon Moffatt AM and Jacqueline Moffatt
  • Lynton and Susan Morgan
  • John and Jacqui Mullen
  • Baillieu Myer AC and Sarah Myer
  • Graham and Glynn O'Neill
  • Mrs. Roslyn Packer AO
  • Darren Pearson
  • Trevor Pearson
  • William and Carolyn Phillips
  • Philippe and Nathalie Pichon
  • Matthew and Fiona Playfair
  • Tony and Heather Power
  • John and Laurine Proud Family Estate Trust No. 1
  • Robert Purves AM
  • The Raymond E Purves Foundation
  • George and Georgie Reid
  • Ian and Jill Reid
  • Allen and Pam Rogers
  • Alan and Lynne Rydge
  • David and Daniela Shannon
  • Simon Shannon
  • Graham Sherry OAM and Kim Olzak
  • Charlie Shuetrim AM and Sandy Shuetrim
  • Geoffrey Shuetrim and Alex Heath
  • David and Vanessa Shuetrim
  • Nell and Hermon Slade Trust
  • Dick Smith AO and Pip Smith
  • Josh and Erica Stewart
  • John and Christina Stitt
  • Jane Taylor and Scott Malcolm
  • Teakle Foundation
  • Rob and Kyrenia Thomas
  • The Thyne Reid Foundation
  • Lyle Vail AM and Anne Hoggett AM
  • The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation
  • Ainslie Walsh
  • Sarah Whyte
  • Brooks Wilson AM and Ann Wilson
  • Bill Winning
  • The Yulgilbar Foundation
  • Jason Zheng

Dr Anne Hoggett , Director, Lizard Island Research Station
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