Spiders Augmented Reality: Australia App - Download Now

Spiders Augmented Reality: Australia app complements the touring Spiders exhibition in the region.

Spiders AU App - Screenshot
Spiders AU App - Screenshot
Spiders App - Screenshot

The app uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology and your mobile phone to place scientifically accurate 3D spider models in the environment around you.

Watch the spiders come to life by scanning Spiders and image tokens with the app, and snap a picture with them!

Australian spiders featured in the Spiders Augmented Reality app include:

  • Peacock spider, Maratus pardus
  • Whistling spider, Phlogius crassipes
  • St Andrew's cross spider, Argiope keyserlingi
  • Redback spider, Latrodectus hasseltii
  • Wolf spider, Allocosa obscuroides
  • Red-headed Mouse Spider, Missulena occatoria

How use the Spiders Augmented Reality: Australia App

1. Download the App to your mobile device

Download iOS app

Download Android app

2. Select your region

When you first open the App, you will be asked to choose which region you'll be using the App in.

Spiders Australia App - Screenshot

Select Australia as your region.

3. Activate the Peacock Spider

Bring the peacock spider to life when you scan an image of it.

4. Collect special tokens when you visit the Spiders exhibition

There are six tokens to collect - so collect them all!

Peacock spider augmented reality token

Peacock Spider
Maratus pardus

Whistling Spider augmented reality token

Whistling Spider
Phlogius crassipes

St Andrew's Cross Spider augmented reality token

St Andrew's Cross Spider
Argiope keyserlingi

Redback Spider augmented reality token

Redback Spider
Latrodectus hasseltii

Wolf Spider augmented reality token

Wolf Spider
Allocosa obscuroides

Red-headed Mouse Spider augmented reality token

Red-headed Mouse Spider
Missulena occatoria

5. Keep a pet Peacock Spider

Spiders App - Screenshot
Spiders App - Screenshot
Spiders App - Screenshot

Pick up the Pet Peacock Spider postcard when you visit the exhibition. Scan the postcard with the app to bring it to life.

You can feed and play with your pet Peacock Spiders by tapping the corresponding icons on the left handside of the screen.

To interact with your pet spider without the marker on the postcard, tap on the matchbox icon.