Species on the border - Stages 3-4

A digital program: students visit our Surviving Austalia exhibition and explore our Species on the Border iPad app.

Species on the border

Species on the border
Photographer: Stuart Humphries © Australian Museum

Museum educator-led program

Assuming the role of a Customs Officer who visits the Australian Museum for help identifying suspect goods, students visit the Surviving Australia exhibition to gather information about Australian animals.

Using this information within our Species on the Border app, students undertake investigations and return smuggled animals to suitable habitats. The app focuses on issues involving introduced and endangered species, habitats and adaptations.

  • Syllabus links: Science and Technology Stage 3, Science Stage 4 
  • Maximum number of students: 30 (4 groups per day)
  • Duration: One hour
  • Cost: $4.40 (incl GST) per student additional to general Museum entry charge
  • Available: Monday to Wednesday during term time

Ms Helen Wheeler , Learning Services Operations Manager
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